Lutheran Hospital-La Crosse


(608) 785-0530


1910 South Ave,
La Crosse, WI 54601

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You ask questions get no answers. You do what your told, then lose a limb. Now same thing, no answers? Skemp here I come, gunderson what the hell is going on!

Keeping my fingers crossed, sitting here telling myself every limb they take its one less hassle in the end. Amazing how a diagnosis can change on the drop of a dime. Lol I understand though. That’s life. Lol

May sound morbid but pressure has been lifted just finding out were pretty much sure what it is. I need a drink. Lol

Going in with a laser to bust up the kidney stone

The day Eric Rahberger became a daddy and my sweet dad became a grandpa.

Well they got me in for upper G I I hate getting put out talk to you all when I get out of here

Big papa and me hopefully we will be home for supper

Well failed my 3rd stress test,treadmill,chemical, and today heart catherazation 90% blockage and 2 with 80% blockage they’re too small for a ballon or stent to fix,so doctors are talking about other solutions

Update on Jacques Joseph.he is done with surgery. .he is still trying to come out of it been in recovery since 1010. doing good though . .pain is already set in n numbing shot has already worn off. he is in Good spirits though.thanks for all the prayers. .

With Billy Kling, Edie Kling, Carson Kling and Brent L Grace

Im still in the lacrosse hospital having seizures and can’t walk can’t walk not that good I have to use a walker to get around my body is at 40 percent

Dylan is having procedure and tests done. This Sucks!

Not the most ideal mothers day at the ER

Waiting for todd getting his hand checked out again.

So far have been EXTREMELY happy with this Hospital and their services.

Don’t try and ask them questions, or try to explain to them how tired you are of wanting to gear results. It’s there way.

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