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Auto Parts for New & Used from A to Z: * Engines * Tires * Windshields / Glass * Radiators * Transmissions * Hoods * Body Panels * Doors * Wheels and Much More

We buy & dismantle approximately 3000 vehicles per year. These vehicles & parts are in inventory within 48 hours of purchase, thereby assuring our customers a constant supply of parts for all automotive needs. Each vehicle is then inventoried into our computer system. Each part has the vehicle stock number tied to it so we can trace the mileage, model, color, VIN number, etc., for all parts requested. Our computerized inventory system asks the right questions allowing us to determine the specific details about the part requested, and our sales representatives will assist you with what you need to know. It’s almost as if you were looking at the vehicle in person.

Now we have a web site so our customers can order parts by email. Harry Haluptzok, President of John’s Auto Parts, explains, “We see the Internet as a tool for the customer. To place an order or inquiry from the home or office and have the part delivered to your door step, confident you have a quality new or used part, ready to install – this is the future.”

We have been around since 1946. We have come a long way from the days of being the local “junk yard”. Today, quality is our biggest goal in every aspect of automotive recycling, including proper disposal or recycling of fluids and other environmental concerns, cleaning and testing of each part for quality control, & use of a computerized inventory system for speed, accuracy and efficiency. We maintain and sell only the best.


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