Liquor Mart



(715) 835-8737


301 E Clairemont Ave,
Eau Claire, WI 54701

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@ Vrbowski
Hudson, WI
Watching Vikings football next to a liquor store is dangerous yall. (@ Chicones Liquor Mart in Hudson, WI)

Curt Fluegel
@ TrikinCurt
Hudson, WI
Last stop. Ice. #
partyPrep (@ Chicones Liquor Mart in Hudson, WI)

Tommy Laken
@ tommylaken
Kenosha, WI
TheReal_Nolan I just saw her at ferguson liquor mart no lie

@ LeoniChicago
Rockford, IL
Dont waste a trip to Royal Liquor Mart on E. State. Employees are rude & they have a terrible selection of wine & craft beers. #

Alec Johnson
@ alecsjohnson
Hudson, WI
Desperate times call for desperate measures. @
mgoronkin (@ Chicones Liquor Mart in Hudson, WI)…

libby schauer
@ libbyschauer
Eau Claire, WI
Never left Liquor Mart without a box, thanks for always being my #1

@ BekaBooMN
Hudson, WI
… and one quick jaunt over the border to end our anniversary getaway. @ Chicones Liquor Mart

M. Sunshine
@ MRC58
Milwaukee, WI
Easily Smith Beer and Liquor Marts busiest day of the year–Brady Street Festival. So much fun!…

Matt Vandermeuse
@ mvandermeuse
Wisconsin, USA
Im at Richfield Liquor Mart (Hubertus, WI)

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