Ling’s Chinese Restaurant



(414) 543-1555


3933 S 76th St,
Milwaukee, WI 53220

Woodland Court

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Open Hours

Mon – Sat. 11:30 Am – 9:00 Pm
Sun. 12:00 Pm – 9:00 Pm

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Snowed in with Chinese food. This ain’t gonna be so bad.

Getting my lings on fur lunch

Dinner for me:) already picked up Noodles and Company for the boys. Then to color our Easter eggs. Nothing like the last minute. LOL

Dinner as hubby didn’t want to

Got to get my Chinese fix

Lunch wit baby girl Emoticono wink

My old stand by. The first place I ever had Chinese food. Three owners later. .it’s still good food for the money. This was my mom’s favorite. She wouldn’t leave without sneaking an egg roll for home. She was funny.

I’ve been going here for over 25yrs. This was where I was first exposed to Chinese food. My review has very sentimental reasons, long conversations with my mother and good times with my friends. Lings is like an old friend. You can drift apart but when you return it’s like you never left. Though not the original owners, the food is just as I remember it 25yrs ago. Not the most glamorous surroundings but these people truly deliver on the food. I make a point to visit once a week for the lunch buffet. Bring a smile to their faces and bring your tray/plates back to counter when you’re done eating. It’s not something they expect. Good people, good food.

Their price is high. The food was good I’ve been going there for over 20 years since they changed owners I see a big difference . They are never packed and the food is like leftovers . she will not put any more food out until it’s gone . like there’s five to ten people there she only put a little bit of food out and she expects not to put any more out( like that good enough) . She charge too much . for the buffet and only put a little bit of food out And while the food is sitting she don’t put no more or change the food till it’s gone . I came there in the evening for the buffet and she closed it out and said no more buffet you got to order food . A few people left that day and this was like at 6 o’clock. So now I will not go there anymore for their buffet because of their food sits 4 hours. I give this place a negative star, because the way she runs the business she’s kind of snotty had time and the food is OK but her buffet sucks plus the buffet food is cold Ver más

When I went it was 5 minutes to closing time. In some other restaurants I’ve been told “We’re Closing” and given the cold shoulder. But here I was waited on promptly and with friendliness. Plus their was this adorable little kid playing the violin in the back room. She must have been learning her scales as “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” seemed to be her speciality. Staff was very nice. Food tasted fresh and not greasy or over cooked. Will certainly go back.

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Greg Gerber
@ coachmitts
Milwaukee, WI
Im at Lings Chinese Restaurant (Milwaukee, WI)

Greg Gerber
@ coachmitts
Lings Chinese Restaurant
Been to long (@ Lings Chinese Restaurant)

Nicky Moshinski
@ Nicky_Moshi
Lings Chinese Restaurant
I just ousted Michael B. as the mayor of Lings Chinese Restaurant on @

Greg Gerber
@ coachmitts
Lings Chinese Restaurant
General tsos chicken (@ Lings Chinese Restaurant) [pic]:

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