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465 Village Walk Ln,
Johnson Creek, WI 53038

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With Dennis Hebbe new ride. Out for a rain ride

The Last Leg ‪#‎Lookie‬ A ridiculous string of events landed me in a gas station parking lot deprived of sleep, hung over, totally tapped out (I have access to $0 dollars. lol) with a sexy VW Bettle as my roll dog for the last leg of my trip home. Shoutout to Kwik Trip for hooking a negro up with a large drink of the gods when they weren’t suppose to let me have a big sippy cup of water.… Had a brief nap. Now I’m ready. Onwards and upwards!

I did not prepare for this cole I am wearing Capris!!!!!!!

Gorgeous weather to be delivering papers. Get out and enjoy some rays today!!

On our way to the cabin Смайлик «smile»

Johnson Creek-random road trip. Me and God and The Paul Trinko CD blairing!

Checkin air pressure n I’m gone. Pickin up the 954RR!!!! I’m gonna miss the hell out of my GSXR. U never forget ur first bike. Here we go time to upgrade. — здесь: Kwik Trip 487

Didn’t purchase a donut, but just in case you were wondering if they had donuts today they in fact DO. I’m wondering at what point they will also carry insulin pens?

Have I mentioned I love Kwik Trip and we don’t have them in Milwaukee? Tell me all about your donut of the day and $1 pizza. I won’t buy them, but I need to know. It’s the little things, folks.

Im sorry but Macaroni & Cheese is NOT a soup.

Just stopped at a gas station to use the restroom Almost there, I’ll return everyone’s messages shortly

Working way home. . be there today!! Sometime.

There is always a donut deal. Legit.

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Kwik Trip 487

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