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Kurt’s Island Sport Shop, Minocqua, WI. 698 likes | 4 talking about this | 170 were here. Stop in and ask knowledgeable, friendly staff about where the. .

John Baranko holding an outstanding musky from an area lake.

CUSTOM CRANES – Just arrived with more on the way. Get yours while they last!

After a three year wait, we FINALLY have more 207 crane baits in. As of now we have the original colors (Sucker, Black-white, Black Perch/Yellow Belly, Black Perch, and Silver Flash), with more than 60 in the process of being custom painted to be in within the next few weeks. Get yours while they last!

Love Walleye fishing?? Come join Walleyes For Tomorrow for their 2nd Annual Fundraiser Dinner, June 11 at Chippewa Retreat at 5:30. Tons of great prizes! Tickets available at our shop or at the door. Thanks!

It was just better not to speak about it!! So, on a warmer note hopefully things are back on track soon weather-wise and fishing- wise. Our minnows are so confused. . they don’t want anymore “pep-talks” they just want OUT! So stop in and help them out . Wishing everyone a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend, Hoping you can do what you do!

What What??? 80 then 35. . We can complain. buy why? It wouldn’t be northern Wisconsin without the temperature rollercoaster rides, now would it! The store is in great shape and well stocked and everyone is ready to talk fishing! Looks like Saturday is the day. .70 and sunny, make your outside plans soon so you can be out as much as possible!!

Wow! What a fantastic weekend to kick off the 2015 opening fishing season!! Somebody out there must have been really good??? Our “change” is complete (almost). we know where most things are. no more hard hat needed!! Stop in to see our 50 shades of Rapala supply! Enjoy the weekend, whatever you’re doing!

Ahhhh. . I don’t care that this absolutely BEAUTIFUL weather isn’t going to last. . We’ll all take it and love it! It truly can’t be beat! We are in the midst of the dreaded “change-over”, Purging the winter merchandise and uncovering the summer. As many people associate “the Change” with a negative, almost scary event, rest assured the change that happens here at the Sportshop is much quicker and relatively painless to most fishermen. LOL. In a week or two we will be excited to help you find anything you could possibly need for what’s going to be a great summer season. For right now enter at your own risk!! You may find what you’re after . .maybe! Either way we’re glad to see you!

Again!!! Why do we wake up so shocked? Yet we fall for it every year. . If I don’t laugh, I’ll cry! I’m looking on the brite side, at least I won’t have to rake this weekend! Perhaps a good weekend for garden planning?? It’ll melt fast. bla bla bla

As I sit here gazing out at “the pond” . in spite of the strong north winds, It’s beautifully apparent that spring is here! At a glance the blue sky reflecting off the open shoreline is already attracting a pair of Mallard ducks, while only 50 some yards away onto the thin ice sits a muskrat looking for his Easter Treats! The cycle star, ts. Trips planned and taken, projects planned and star, ted, Ice fishing equipment boxed away and soft water merchandise being unloaded as the cycle inside the store begins as well. Happy Easter to all, big and small!

BREAKING NEWS. Attention Walleye Anglers!!! The State Of Wisconsin just signed into law a 3 walleye bag limit in the ceded territories! The 2015 opener will see 3 fish bag limits across the ceded territories. Lakes with a 15″ size limit will incur a 2 fish 15-20″ limit. From 20-24″ 0 bag and 1 walleye per day over 24″ on size exempt lakes. the 1 over 14″ size will stay the same.

Wasn’t it just Christmas?? Where does the time go? Straight to Valentine’s Day that’s where! The sportshop has just the thing for your significant other. ” Calorie free” and truly “one size fits all” Real MINK headwear! For the woman who has almost everything. Choices for her are 99.99 up to 149.99. She will love them, c’mon in and check them out for yourself, along with our new Bimbo Skunk Ice Jigs! Wishing you all a safe and fun winter fishing season.

Santa Clause is com’in to town!! Remember he can’t wrap minnows so stop in and grab a gift certificate. We are open Christmas Eve 6am to 4pm. and Christmas Day 9am. to 5Pm. for all your last minute “fishing” needs or that bottle of wine you forgot to pick up! Oh ya, ) shopping days left! We wish everyone a safe, happy and healthy holiday season and look forward to seeing those diehard ice fishermen in 2015!! Happy New Year. .Woo-whooo!

Wow, I guess its November!!! What a challenge already! We’re up for it. . Hunters all over town, and here in the store combined with ice anglers looking for their ice fishing supplies (yes, in November!) makes for a lot of busy days in the store! As we change over to winter merchandise it may be a bit challenging to find what you’re after, but WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU!! We wish everyone a safe and Happy Thanksgiving! If you are out ice fishing please remember safety first. .its still very early! We will be having our Ice Fishing Extravaganza on Dec. 5th, 6th and 7th! We hope to see you! Only 27 shopping days left now!

Well there’s no question that fall is here! Hunters have been in checking out our hunting supplies as well as the fall fishermen looking for their favorite live bait. .chubs and yes we have musky suckers! We have received our new crane bait order for the avid musky fisherman. . This is a nice little catch-up time for us here at the store. Not for Kurt though!, he’s out on the water full time! We said goodbye to summer staff as they head back to school! Soon it will be time to get the shelves ready for (don’t even want to say it. .!) ice fishing! Put us on your Christmas shopping list for your favorite hunter or fisherman. . only 77 shopping days left!

Happy Fourth to everyone!!!! Stop in and see us for the latest in fishing tackle and our full line of rods and reels. New in are Chautauqua hand crafted lures!

East wind and lots of it along with cooler than usual temperatures postponed several events that have usually transpired by now. On the larger lakes, largemouth bass, bluegills and pumpkinseeds have not star, ted bedding yet. Plump females of all three of these species are being caught by anglers targeting walleyes and smallmouth bass along outside weed edges of 10-16’. While reports of bedding largemouth and gills were coming in a couple weeks ago, these were from small lakes . with much warmer water. The other event that usually occurs by now is the massive Hexagenia mayfly hatches. Typical of mid June in our area during this melee of swimming flying, mating, dying bugs; almost all walleye catches drop to zero for about three days. While some smaller, lesser species of mayfly have hatched- this cloud of walleye angler doom still lurks and should be coming sometime to a lake near you! Largemouth Bass: Good-Very Good. Wind has put a damper on top-water action. Best catches on wacky style worms, pre-rigged plastic worms and 7” worms rigged Carolina along outside weed edges of 10-16’. Walleye: Good. Action slowed from previous week but still nice fish being caught. Still utilizing cabbage flats and (depending on lake) coontail edges. No distinct preference on bait, though redtailed chubs worked best on windy days (more weight, easier to control) but as wind died down leeches and crawlers also doing the job. Releases of 23-27” this week with plenty of 15-20” eaters. Northern Pike: Good. Most catches on chubs meant for walleyes in the wind. Past few days as wints settled casting spinnerbaits producing will including 40” release! Bluegills: Good. Oddly deeper weeds are better. Tiny jigs, tubes, small leeches and worms on the deep weed edges producing nice gills of 7 1/2 -9 ½”. Spawn yet to come on large lakes. Wind keeping popper bite down. Musky: Good. Bucktails & Plastics best bets. Fish roaming windy weed beds feeding on panfish in 6-10’. Crappie: Fair-Good. Wind making it tough to find & stay on fish. Catches jigging medium fats, small chubs aggressively through weed tops scoring nice crappies of 11-13”. Look for bite to improve as weather (wind) mellows out. Yellow Perch: Fair. Wind tough on perchers. When possible jigging ½ crawlers or frozen soft shells over windy weedy flats producing some nice perch. Smallmouth bass: Fair. Not a lot of reports of late. A few nice 17-19’ fish on chubs meant for walleyes along 11-14’ coontail edges. Ease winds have left for now. Action picking up as conditions easier to fish, with the exception of the pending mayfly hatch, outlook is good. Happy Fishing Kurt Justice

Any of you traveling North looking for the BEST place to get connected on the Ice make sure to stop in at Kurt’s Island . Sport Shop. Knowledgable staff stocked with all the goodies you’ll need for a successful day on the ice. the best local fishermen connect at Kurt’s with up-to-date information on the bite happening in the area …

AWESOME! The staff is very knowledgeable about equipment and the area lakes. We stopped in several times during the pa. st week and everyone was very friendly and helpful. I needed a new spinning reel for walleye fishing. I bought the one they recommended and took their recommendation for line as well. I landed a 24″ and 28.25″ walleye with this set up last week. I figured I was paying a little extra being a small local shop and was completely ok with that. When I did some checking on the internet this morning I was very surprised. They sold the reel for the same price as all the large internet sites and spooled the line for me. Sometimes the parking lot was a little congested, but rightfully so for the quality of service and prices. Thank you to everyone at Kurt’s, you made my fishing trip very successful. You will be seeing me again later this year and again next summer.

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