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Wausau, WI 54403

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Kraft Foods offers a variety of baking and canning products. It is one of the largest food and beverage companies in the world. The company provides cookies, crackers, cones and bars. It offers desserts, nuts, snacks and pickles. Kraft Foods also provides salad dressings, coatings and candies. It offers products under the Jacobs, Maxwell House, Cameo, Baker’s Chocolate, Cool Whip, Good Seasons and Honey Maid brands. The company provides deli items, pizzas and pasta dishes. Kraft Foods maintains a staff of more than 100,000 employees and operates over manufacturing and processing facilities throughout the world. The company has annual sales revenue of nearly $42 billion.

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This is the former CNW now CN train yard in Wausau, WI. The CNW and MILW crossed about a mile south of here. The MILW is on the east side going past the Kraft Mac & Cheese plant. — здесь: Kraft Foods of Wausau,Wi

Despite how I want to move and live in a different state. this is where my roots were planted and I was grown. As a truck driver I meet a lot of people from all over the country and 99% of the time I get insulted. Like the old saying goes don’t forget where you came from or where you star, ted. I can proudly say that I live up to that quote. Today Karma gave me a taste of what I was asking for. I learned to be open minded on other people’s roots even if there road lead elsewhe…re. I also try to never guess where a person is from by their slang/Accent. Today I met another driver from my company and the subject of where we are both from. Turns out that my supposed accent that I am a Jersey Boy. Who ever knows my look of battle. Then I remembered yesterday at one of my terminals I assumed that another driver who I had just met was from Kentucky based on the accent but was actually from Southern Missouri. Thankfully no harm done and no offense to my jersey people but the jersey Boys song ain’t great. Well I never listened to it. Lesson learned have a great weekend. Еще

Been here for four hours waiting to get loaded,so I can star, t heading home.

Freezing the place closed its -1°

Smells like Mac and cheese yum!!!!

Not saying it puritan’s to this particular Kraft Food Organization, but we realized that we had a box that was recalled. Out of curiosity I opened it to see how bad the metal shavings were. I did indeed find a decent amount of them with addition a BUG that was jumping around in the cheese. Safe to say kraft has officially lost my interest. Disgusting to say the least, my child eats this stuff!! What a shame!

Load times are ridiculous 15 hrs to load a trailer. And they still haven’t finished. they should have at least milked the cow to make the cheese before i got here.

Awesome service got me in quick and out quick definitely will ask company to send me back here.

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Kraft Foods Inc

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