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301 4th St,
Centuria, WI 54824

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Olive was born to parents, Dennis & Elsie Cornelison on the 17th day of January, 1916, the youngest of 9 children. Her father was English to the bone, and mother was Canadian French & Scotch. They were blessed with longevity, except Olive’s brother Wesley who died at 9 months old from Meningitis. When Olive was age 3, two neighbor girls age 3 also and Olive came down with pneumonia. The other 2 girls did not survive, but God spared Olive, He must have had a plan for her. Th. Continue Reading.

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Now owned and operated by Tom and Lerena Kolstad.
Fully Handicapped accessiable entrance. Newly remodeled and enlarged building soon. Kolstad Family Funeral Home, Formerly (Park-Rowe) and Kolstad.
Kolstad Family Funeral Home. Kolstad Family Funeral Home n’a partagé aucun contenu avec vous.
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160, Centuria, WI 54824.
(715) 646-2200

Also Known As

Park-Rowe-Kolstad Funeral Home, Park Rowe Funeral Home, Kolstad Tom

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