Kohler Waters Spa


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(920) 457-7777

(920) 453-2815


501 Highland Dr,
Kohler, WI 53044

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Facials, Massage,

Kohler Waters Spa features treatment rooms and locker room areas. It also features a swimming pool, lounge and private club with more than 30 guest rooms. The spa offers massage therapy and salon finishing services. Kohler Waters Spa also includes exercise equipment, steam rooms and showers. Kohler Waters Spa provides makeup services and also offers eyebrow enhancements, waxing, and scalp and hair treatments. It includes skin restorations and classic and age zone facials. It serves appetizers, entrees, beverages and desserts. The spa also provides beauty products, apparel, gifts and gift cards. Located in Kohler, Wis., it features a fitness center and online store.

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Kari Webb, LLC – Acupuncturist.

(920) 457-7777

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Garrett Mersberger
@ Mersberger
Testing out a NEW service at Kohler Waters Spa! #
KohlerWatersSpa #
KohlerSpa pic.twitter.com/t9v7q0KtXw

Wisconsin Job Daddy
@ WIJobDaddy
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Female Spa Attendant-Kohler Waters Spa – Kohler – Kohler, WI https://bit.ly/1IiIiAF

@ Nataliecorey12
Kohler, WI
I think Ill stay here all day @ Kohler Waters Spa at Kohler, WI https://instagram.com/p/39eWOugltl/

Matt Matros
@ Mattmatros
Kohler, WI
Rest. Relax. Contemplate the future of the world. Repeat. #
Kohler #
spa #
wisconsin @ Kohler Waters Spa… https://instagram.com/p/2g3UCMmsGW/

Molly Schau
@ mschau
Kohler, WI View translation
Yesssss. #
spaday (@ Kohler Waters Spa in Kohler, WI) https://www.swarmapp.com/c/9iQr1bVaCvc

The Ensuite London
@ ensuite_london
Kohler, WI
Feeling very relaxed thanks to @
kohler for the afternoon of pampering @ kohler-waters-spa https://instagram.com/p/1_kUWMy690/

Sam Polzin
@ spolzin11
Kohler, WI
Could not have asked for a better weekend with this girl!! Missing her already! @ Kohler Waters Spa at… https://instagram.com/p/zOTVmAJY2V/

Annie Van Winkle
@ _AnnElizabeth
Kohler, WI
Relaxing my hangover away by the fire…. @ Kohler Waters Spa at Kohler, WI https://instagram.com/p/xU06NigJxo/

@ stylishboots
Kohler, WI View translation
spa #
massage #
pedicure #
nye #
thisishowwedoit @
dwruck (@ Kohler Waters Spa in Kohler, WI) https://www.swarmapp.com/c/4X5odvXzFFQ

Gina Cornejo-Litke
@ GinaWillTravel
Kohler, WI
My mission today: submerge myself in the #
bliss that is the legendary Kohler Waters Spa… https://instagram.com/p/xPZEbtujtr/

Paige Riemann
@ packergurl52
Kohler, WI View translation
relaxxx @ Kohler Waters Spa at Kohler, WI https://instagram.com/p/v4iuk7hMRH/

Mina Im
@ ChicagoFoodGirl
Kohler, WI
Spa day! Huge thank you to Kohler Waters Spa for having me this morning to experience their seasonal… https://instagram.com/p/vwDIPbPJ8J/

Kohler Jobs
@ KohlerJobs
Kohler, WI
Vicki, front desk associate at the Kohler Waters Spa, helps pour the @
DeschutesBeer! #
KohlerFoodWine pic.twitter.com/Ayf8xYxd0b

@ TravelWisconsin
Wisconsin, USA
SpaTravelGal Hey Ava, hope youve luxuriated @
Kohler Waters Spa? Then finish with a Terrapin from Craverie!! Thx for follow.

@ ShopDandy
Kohler, WI
Detox Delight was the best experience of my life! (@ Kohler Waters Spa in Kohler, WI) https://www.swarmapp.com/shopdandy/checkin/53dd2819498e7aa53327e691?s=g-cPQN1yzRUPU_T29Xy_dsYhQrc&ref=tw…

Kathleen Ewald
@ KathleenEwald
Kohler, WI
Great place to be on a day off!! (@ Kohler Waters Spa in Kohler, WI) https://www.swarmapp.com/kathleenewald/checkin/53dbed0e498e2646b8362042?s=bwrffvbMoRW57Yl8HfLxRTpMpdo&ref=tw… pic.twitter.com/xuflb4AasX

@ ShopDandy
Kohler, WI
Headed to a day at the spa! #
ootd #
liketkit https://www.liketk.it/aCfS liketkit @ Kohler Waters Spa at… https://instagram.com/p/rKTrWzxz0o/

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