Kieler Mall


(608) 568-3888


3716 County Road Hhh,
Kieler, WI 53812

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Kieler Mall, Kieler, WI. 787 likes | 13 talking about this | 1,174 were here. Do it all at the Kieler Mall, as always we have our Mon – Fri 3-6 happy. .

I’m sure that we have plenty of voucher user’s that would love to show their appreciation of Road Crew. By donating their time to such a worthy cause. Don’t be shy! Hello Everyone! It’s that time of year again. Fair season is upon us. Again this year we will be running the food and beer at the race track on Wednesday (August 19th) and Sunday (August 23rd). . This is a great fund raiser for us. We are looking for approximately 15 to 20 volunteers each day to help us sell food/beverages to the people of Grant County. Transportation to and from the fairground will be provided by the Road Crew. A Complimentary t-shirt will also be given to those who help out. Let us know by either messaging us or contacting us. Thanks as Always! The Road Crew

The reason why Kieler is the best town in the world

Can’t imagine another place I’d rather be!

Babe and Donna took over the Kieler mall. Two of the greats!

The Marker Party has star, ted. Make sure if you come and enjoy a cool one in one of America’s greatest destination towns that you wear at shirt that is light in color and easy to write on to enjoy in the fun! cheerio!

Flat bill snap backs. 3-d raised logo.

Our newest toy! Nba draft night. Gunna be something special.

Two of the new tanks. Available today!

A few new clothing items coming in HOT this week!

The Kieler Mall. . . .where every good marriage star, ts. . .Congrats Jamie and Julius!!!!! The ultimate Kieler Mall Confession

Happy Memorial Day! Special thanks to our veterans, USA!

NFL Draft and Hawks game tonight

National Championship night. Kieler will be Indianapolis West, not In the Annapolis. We will have Chops prime rib sandwhiches as well as chicken wings for the game!!!!!!!!!! Food will be ready between 6-6:30. . As always we will have plenty of cocktails and entertainment via the bartending staff, the Kieler Mall army of one. Post game party will include Bo, Frank and Sam obviously. Plan on making Kieler your National Championship destination. With the many great venues in town. Also a few big birthdays today! Some place warm, a place where beer flows like wine, where beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano. I’m talking about a little place called Kieler.

We have snapchat. . . . Kielermall Add us wink emoticon

In honor of the dance party star, ting for us badgers fans. We are doing $1.00 Cherry Pie shots tonight. But lets call them Badger shots. . . I have a $100.00 bet with a certain bartender that has been known to do a little dancing of his own. He claims he will not do a shot of cherry pie tonight. $50.00 goes to the lucky person that gets him to do it. Must post here that the job is done. Also, we have more Irish shirts in stock. . The Kieler Mall, “Giving the people what they want since 1934″.

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