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629 Spruce St,
Madison, WI 53715

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Rejuvenating, Gentle, Deeply Engaging, and the most Thorough Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork you have ever had in your life or are ever likely to have. The basis of our work is Swedish/Esalen massage, both therapeutic and sensual in application with sensitivity to your needs and comfort levels.

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ken adi ring hypnosis massage therapy

Ken-Adi Ring Hypnosis & Massage Therapy. Ken-Adi Ring Massage Therapy & Hypnosis.
Massage Therapist, Hypnotherapy Service. Career Opportunity or suppliing working tools to enhance your life and the career options you already have. This training qualifies you to start your own hypnosis practice, a rich and rewarding career in Hypnotherapy under the authorization of the National Guild of Hynotists Certification to practice world Wide.
629 Spruce St Madison, WI 53715.
629 Spruce St, Madison, WI 53715.
(608) 256-0080

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Tri-Unity Wellife Associates, LLC

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