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Established in 1943, Keefe Real Estate offers brokerage solutions for commercial and residential properties. The firm operates more than five branch locations and employs over 100 experienced agents and brokers. It provides market analysis, property management and site selection services. Keefe Real Estate deals in a range of commercial, residential and new construction facilities. The firm s property listings include apartments, town houses, business centers, commercial buildings, and vacant land and acreage. Keefe Real Estate provides mortgage lending assistance and cost valuation services. In addition, the firm supports several community and charitable organizations, including the American Cancer Society, Geneva National Foundation and American Red Cross. Keefe Real Estate maintains a presence in Lake Geneva, Wis.

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Lake Geneva lakefront real estate specialist Bob Webster of Keefe Real Estate on a recent showing of luxury real estate in Lake Geneva.

Excellent lake front property with decent Wisconsin State and Lake Geneva taxes. .A place where you can honorably raise your family, grow old knowing you made a wise all-around investment”. .

Geneva Lakes Area Real Estate, Lake Geneva, WI. 19 likes | 1 talking about this | 2 were here. This Fan Page is compliments of Bob Webster of Keefe Real. .

Analysts were quick to note that prices are expected to rise modestly throughout much of 2012. “It’s going to be tempting to look at home price declines and see a still-faltering housing recovery, but that’s just not the case,” said Stan Humphries, chief economist for housing website “The reality is that home prices and home sales will be moving” higher.

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Keefe Real Estate has long been recognized as the leading real estate company in southeastern Wisconsin. Keefe Real Estate Inc. On-line training is provided through Keefe Real Estate in conjunction with the Wisconsin Realtors Association (WRA). The course we offer to agent candidates is the State of Wisconsin-approved pre-licensing course. Once this is completed and the State exam is passed, you simply apply for your real estate salesperson’s license. This license allows you to work for any broker in Wisconsin. The course is an on-line study course that can be ordered, and course books will be sent directly to your home. By taking the home-study course, which includes on-line quizzes, you can pursue your license training in your own time frame from the comfort of your home. We’re starting to see fall produce coming in at the Lake Geneva Farmer’s Market. It started out rainy, but remains overcast now. Rain or shine vendors will be at Horticultural Hall until 1:00!
More Farmer’s Markets in SE Wisconsin. Schedule of Farmer’s Markets in Lake Geneva, Burlington and More. Shopping for local goods has never been more in demand than in the. Closing Your Vacation Home for the Season. As summer turns to fall, many of the residents with second homes in SE Wisconsin will start to close their homes for the season. Most often people head to warmer climates, or the lake home isn’t conducive to using in the winter while the kids a(…)

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