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At Any Age Orthodontic treatment is associated with the use of braces to straighten misaligned teeth. Many treatment options are now available that allow treatment at almost any age. Orthodontics is often thought of as a teenage rite of passage, but, regardless of age, patients with crooked or crowded teeth or with overbite or under bite conditions, can benefit greatly from treatment. How Braces Work Orthodontic braces apply tension to slowly reposition teeth within the jawbone. After the initial application, the orthodontist adjusts the tension of the braces over a succession of visits, spaces over a specified period of time. Oral appliances can also be used to expand or reshape the underlying jaw structure. Why Braces? Braces are applied for both practical and cosmetic reasons. In adults, orthodontic treatment can be required in preparation for the use of bridges or implants. Each patient’s needs are different, so be sure to ask what your cour se of treatment will require and if there are new advancements in braces that might be a match for you. While Undergoing Orthodontic Treatment: *Carefully brush your teeth after eating to prevent an increased risk of tooth decay. *Avoid foods that can damage your braces, such as caramels, nuts, ice and candy. *In general, stay away from all sticky, chewy, or hard foods

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What a great experience with warm, friendly, caring people . Dr.Just was wonderful he explained that needed to e done . with respect,and in easy to understand terms, from the moment we walked in we all felt comfortale and cared for, I could not imagine going anywhere else for my daughters ortho work. Thank you all so much.

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Jeffrey Just and his outgoing, dedicated team work extra hard every day to provide patients in Sheboygan with top quality care in a comfortable, inviting, family-friendly environment. We are celebrating National Chicken Dance Day! This was my first time in this office. I was very impressed!
The staff was so accommodating.
I really like how the staff stands at the counter.
It makes you realize how important it is for people to be at your eye level rather than sitting down hidden behind a counter!
The staff that worked with my daughter really made her feel comfortable. And then we met Dr.
He was very thorough and did a good job at explaining things so my daughter could comprehend them. You can tell he cares about his profession and is current or even ahead of many in his field.
The next step.the braces go on! Just Orthodontics- Sheboygan WI. Consistently great service throughout this whole process!
I knew nothing about braces or the process and the staff has been so helpful and informative each appointment!
And the facility is so great for kids!
We will always recommend JUST Orthodontics! Thank you so much to Dr.
Just and the wonderful staff at Just Orthodontics!
This was a wonderful experience, and I’m so thrilled with the results.
Everyone in the office is so friendly and helpful. It’s a great place, and they do a great job. I highly recommend Just Orthodontics!
I’m lookin(…)

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