Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse


(715) 830-9889

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OWEN Ayres Ct.,
Eau Claire, WI 54701

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Mon – Sun. 6:30 Am – 12:00 Pm

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I ate at Johnny’s a few weeks ago. Hearing only great things about their steak, I ordered some. Seconds after I took a b. ite, I realized that this was the best steak that I had ever tasted. Whoever this Johnny guy is, he is the man.

I give it s, the food was excellent and plenty of it. Our waiter Hong was fantastic! We will be returning, even bo. ught our car salesman a gift certificate for Johnny’s as a token of our appreciation the past few years of selling us a few vehicles. We will definitely spread the word about your restaurant.

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johnny italian steakhouse eau claire image image image

Johnny’s is a distinctly upscale steakhouse complemented with a rich Italian background featuring traditional and innovative items and a superior wine list. The classic interior is reminiscent of the. Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse Eau Claire. The food pyramid from different points of view. If millennials were in charge of the food pyramid.
You know you’re a Seamless monster.
To get the ball rolling we will give away a DINNER FOR TWO. We will post a winner on Wednesday at 5pm. To help you pair wines as the summer grilling and picnic season begins.. At Johnny’s we love our wine and work hard to create great wine lists.
But this is carrying the love of wine to a new height. Aire Ancient Baths New York – Red Wine Ritual. Vote Eau Claire, Wisconsin as Outside Magazine’s America’s Best Town!
Vote for America’s Best Town. One of these 64 towns can be called the Best Town Ever.
Crowning the winner will be up to you. Our gratitude to those who have sacrificed everything for freedom.. How do you chose a restaurant when you are away from home? Do you use an app on your phone or tablet? If so, what app is your favorite? If you don’t use your phone what do you use?. Come Celebrate National Moscato Day at Johnny’s.. Today is national Blah, Blah, Blah day. The day is an impulse to do get the things done, which people have been nagging you to do. Blah Day is a chance to quit smoking, lose weight, vacuum the car a(…)

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Jobs in Madison
@ JobsinMadison1
Job #
Madison Saute/Broil Cook Position (Johnnys Italian Steakhouse): Johnnys Italian Steakhouse in Greenway…

Paul Barth
@ paulmbarth
Middleton, WI
Dinner after a long day. (@ Johnnys Italian Steakhouse in Middleton, WI)

Shane Cowger
@ CowgerShane
Eau Claire, WI
Drinking a Big Eddy Royal Nektar (2015) by @
Leinenkugels @ Johnnys Italian Steakhouse — #

Shane Cowger
@ CowgerShane
Eau Claire, WI
Drinking an IPL by @
Leinenkugels @ Johnnys Italian Steakhouse — #

isabel avalos
@ _isabelavalos
Eau Claire, WI
cristy and rosie take on Eau Claire: fine dining at Johnnys Italian steakhouse

Courtney Jackson
@ courtyjackson
Middleton, WI
Blessed to celebrate another Valentines Day with this guy! #
Year2 @ Johnnys Italian Steakhouse…

Kelly Ann
@ almostheavenly
Eau Claire, WI
Im at Johnnys Italian Steakhouse in Eau Claire, WI

@ yiddishsideburn
Eau Claire, WI
dames #
merrychristmas dinner @ Johnnys Italian Steakhouse Eau Claire

Michael Bruno
@ MichaelBruno55
Middleton, WI
Davids birthday party (@ Johnnys Italian Steakhouse in Middleton, WI)

Steve M
@ MyaLover
Eau Claire, WI
Drinking a Snowdrift Vanilla Porter by @
Leinenkugels @ Johnnys Italian Steakhouse —

James A. Blakeslee
@ James_Blakeslee
Wisconsin, USA
Limoncello cake from Johnnys Italian Steakhouse. Taste of Madison 2014.#

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