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9129 W Greenfield Ave,
Milwaukee, WI 53214

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Mon – Thu. 10:00 Am – 11:00 Pm
Fri – Sat. 10:00 Am – 12:00 Am
Sun. 11:00 Am – 10:00 Pm

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Honestly, the Detroit style crust is some of the best thick/deep-dish pizzas in the city

Watching Benny & Joon-had pizza delivered

Picking up my favorite pizza. around the corner from my spiffy job. Life is good.

Jets bbq chicken pizza and ranch. Enough said!

Best Pizza ever!!!! on our way to Six Flags!! freight fest!!!!

I’M hungry 2 slices & a Mr Pibb $5.27 4 different crusts but only Deepdish for the slices – think I could eat cardboard about now!

Breakfast, lunch and dinner, yeah me

Lots of exercise. so picking up Detroit style pizza for dinner ‪#‎raccoonlogic‬

It’s a Jet’s kinda’ Friday! Yum, yum! Thee BEST pizza from a box in southeastern Wisconsin!

I really Lik working here Nate and mark are the funniest coolest laid bck good looking Nice guys. Come On in and try jets pizza (Team Jets=) )

Just called to find out how many slices were in a Medium/ Large as I am planning my son’s birthday party and needed to know. The man who answered the phone was less than happy to answer my questions. After he did I said, “Thank you so much!” and he hung up on me with out so much as a good bye. We really like Jets but will be getting our pizza else where. Good customer service skills go a long way, unfortunately so do bad ones.

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Always arrived before they say, always hot and accurate, ALWAYS delicious.
I always order deep dish!
I used to hate crust from other pizza but now I love it more then life due to the turbo crust. Garbage pizza, talked to manager about how cold the pizza was, cold pizza with burnt toppings.
Great pizza and subs!
My favorite pizza place in Michigan is here in Wisconsin now. We love their Greek salads and 8 corner pizza along with their blt pizza. One weekend we were looking around for a place to order a pizza and came across one of Jet’s Pizza ads in the paper.
It was incredibly good.
We ordered a large sausage pizza (square deep dish) and an order of bacon Jet’s Bread.
For 5 hungry people it seemed as if it would not be enough, however, considering how thick the pizza was and how rich and savory the pizza and bread was it was just the right amount. The pizza was crispy on the outside and soft/doughy on the inside. The sauces wasn’t some crazy exotic sauce, but was hearty and actually flavorful. The cheese was excellent, one of the best I have ever had, and the sausage had good flavor.
The bacon Jet’s bread was incredibly good.
Jet’s became out pizza place. We typically order for pick-up, but have also gotten it delivered.
Several weeks later, we expanded our selection from their menu and have enjoyed their sub-sandwiches, salads, and especially enjoyed their Jet’s Boat (calzone). They hav(…)

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Swerving Ebola like

Best Vines
@ TheFunnyVine
He cant be stopped

@ Jets_Pizza_
We have the best pizza.

@ Jets_Pizza_
Come try our deep dish pizza!

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