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We make a variety of gourmet artisan hummus products in small batches. We use all organic and natural ingredients. We cook our own beans, roast our own garlic, squeeze our own lemons. If you’ve never had hummus, try ours.  You’ll like it.  Like hummus?  You’ll love ours.  Get ready for an entirely new taste experience with flavors like Spinach Feta, Caramelized Onion, Pizza Pizzazz, and Portabella Bleu.  Hungry yet?

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A lot of lemons were squeezed today at the kitchen. FRESH ORGANIC lemons are hard to come by but we managed to get plenty. Picked up 5# of Certified Organic Basil today too. .not easy getting THIS but have plenty of it to make our wonderful Basil Pesto Humus. Come on in to the Green Tomato Artisan Market and Kitchen to get yours first. wait until Saturday and it will be available at the downtown Appleton Farm Market too.

WHAT???????? We sold out AGAIN today. A super bunch of folks visited us today on a close to perfect day in Downtown Appleton. With temps hovering in the high 70’s and a light breeze it truly was a fabulous day to be. . A ton of encouraging positive comments by so very many people kept us blushing much of the day. . Thanks to each of you for stopping by and spending time with us. YOU ARE THE BEST! . and YOU deserve the best products, thanks for trying and buying our great tasting foods.

IT’s SATURDAY MARKET in Appleton. We will have Tapenade Provencal as well as our OH SO GOOD Meadow Muffin for sale. The tapenade is fantastic on it’s own for even better on a muffaletta. Try it on top of a Caprese salad. Mmmmm. What’s a Meadow Muffin??? Only the best darned cheese spread you will ever try. We star, t with the best Certified Organic cream cheese and add a ton (not really a ‘ton’ but a lot) of Certified Organic herbs and spices. then pat into a muffin shape. The unique flavors blend with so many optional go-withs. Try it on pretzels, crackers and veggies and spread it on top of a rye or whole wheat bagel. It is sooooo very good. Can’t get to the arket? Well stpp in to Hippie Wayne;s Artisan Market on North Richmond in Appleton. We very well may have some there on Monday.

Spent lot’s of time in the kitchen today making three kinds of hummus. The ever popular Spinach Feta always goes over at parties and picnics and is just the right thing for munching and ‘chillin’ after a hot Wisconsin summer day. Socko Taco is fantastic with chips or spread it on a tray, top it with shredded lettuce and chopped tomato. Scoop it up with taco chips for a perfect lunch or appetizer. Sooo good. We also made our Thai Cherry Almond sweet-treat dessert hummus. Cho. ck full of cherries from Door County and just the right ‘kiss’ of heat from Thai chili peppers, this one is always a hit. On a breakfast bagel, smeared on fresh cut apple slices or spread on top of graham crackers, pretzels or ginger snaps. this is amazing. We have all 3 available now at The Green Tomato. We’ll have them to sell at the Downtown Appleton Farm Market this Saturday too. Come see us for a taste of fresh!!!

Oh what a beautiful day today. We made our Original Garlic . loaded with lots of freshly roasted garlic it is sweet and succulent with all of the warmth that garlic can give you. It is also wonderful in situations where you need something that is flavorful but isn’t going to knock your socks off. THIS one is definitely what you want!!! We will have this at the Appleton Farm Market as well as at The Free Market and The Olive Cellar in Appleton and Neenah too. PIZZA PIZZAZZ is available this weekend as well. This is part of what we like to call. our HUMMUS CONVERTER KIT” So glad r services.

Yea!!!! another terrific market in downtown Appleton. What star, ted out as a windy, stormy and threatening day transitioned into a gorgeous sunny day spent with residents and visitors to the Fox River Valley. Folks came in waves. to experience the friendly people and great offerings that the market has to offer. We sold out of everything and had fun doing so!!!! Thanks to all of our great customers and friends. See you next week.

Roasted Red Pepper’ w/Feta cheese is one of our favorite hummus’. With lots of fire-roasted red peppers this is like nothing on the grocery shelf. Try it on crackers or crudités, it is memorable. ‘Santa Fe Black Bean’ hummus is our other flavor offering. It is really so good you will forget that it is healthy. With the zip of fire-roasted jalapenos and fresh jalapeno too this is CRAZY fresh and wonderful.

Woo hoo, made a lot of Tangy Mustard Dip today. It really is great on pretzels but you will not believe how great it tastes on cooked carrots and Brussels sprouts. So savory and sweet at the same time. Tried brushing it on corn on the cob just before placing it on the grill. OMG, it is terrific. Brings all of the sweetness out of the corn into your mouth with alarming clarity. ‘Come to the kitchen or see us at the Downtown Appleton Market. another flavor bomb from Irresistibly Healthy Foods. Hard to resist!!!!!

It’s almost here!!! another Saturday Farm Market in beautiful Downtown Appleton. With great vendors to choose from a leisurely stroll is in order. Irresistibly Healthy will be offering our Basil Pesto hummus. Wonderful as a dip but great stuffed in medium sized shell shaped pasta. Stuff shells with hummus, place on top of fresh bib lettuce, sprinkle with a little balsamic vinaigrette and top with shredded carrots or a few slices of fresh tomato. Voila! lunch in a jiffy.

Thought that we would make something totally out of the ordinary. so we did. Zesty flavor filled veggie burgers. These burgers are easy to heat and better to eat. Chock full veggies and tantalizing flavor and fully cooked all you need do is heat them in the microwave, oven or toss them in a tad of oil in a pan on the stove. They are great in a bun with your favorite condiments or by themselves they are just the thing for lunch or dinner. We are offering them exclusively at Hippie Wayne’s Green Tomato. With two in a pack for just $4.00 they are a real bargain too.

FANTASTIC market today! Lot’s of folks out to enjoy a wonderful day of summer. What better way to celebrate the joy of living in the USA than mixing with ‘the locals’ in beautiful Downtown Appleton. Thanks for supporting each of the smaller area businesses offering fresh local items. We sure appreciate it.

Looking forward to this Saturday. the Farm Market should be a real FIRE CRACKER. We’ll have Sunny Tomato and Spinach Feta hummus as well as some Meadow Muffin Organic cheese spread to offer. With some Parmesan Crisps there’s plenty for stocking up your picnic basket. Come early! Market opens at 8:00.

Another fantastic market in Downtown Appleton. Friendliest folks around gathered to taste our little neighborhood’s offerings. With hummus and Tangy Mustard sauce from Irresistibly Healthy, fine, authentic Italian lasagna from Spegash Italian foods and jaw-dropping orchids from Go’in to Pot Orchids to decorate the dinner table, the 200 block of West College is a ‘one stop shopping’ experience.

Come check us out at the market on Saturday. We made the yummy Garlic Artichoke and the ever so flavorful Pizza Pizzazz. Both are made with Certified Organic garbanzo beans made fresh just before we blend it into hummus. We’re eager to see you.

We will also be offering Cheese Crisps for sale at the market this weekend. Great on salads and wonderful on eggs this crispy treat is lovely vrushed over rice or quinoa too.

Come to Appleton Downtown Market this Saturday. you will find us right in front of Gabriel Furniture. offering the BEST hummus you have ever had!!! We made more of our soon to be famous ‘Tangy Mustard Dipping Sauce’ today. You will LOVE it. Great on pretzels, super on grilled chicken and ham it is also delish on brussels sprouts. Pour a little on to the just drained sprouts, toss and serve.

Made Cheese Crisps today. .Roasted Garlic is mellow to the tongue and oh so carressing to the rest of you!!!!”

We’ll be offering something new this Saturday. Cheese Crisps.These are wonderful on salads, great to spark up poached or over-easy eggs or by themselves. We did a taste testing trial at a Winter Market and these were a big hit. We’ll have these available at the Appleton Farm Market this Saturday. We can only make a limited number so if you really want some, come early I think we will run out quite early.

What a day at the Farm Market!!! So very many wonderful people enjoying the day. the weather was calm and slightly overcast but the people were sunny and warm. We sold out of Tangy Mustard Sauce by 8:45, Meadow Muffin Org, Cream cheese spread by 9:45 and one of the hummus flavors in the next hour. By 11:15 were had nothing to sell. We took the opportunity to offer samples. Thanks Appleton Downtown!!!!! Great day at the market. See you next week.

Oh GOODY! The Summer games begin. TOMORROW we will be at the Appleton Downtown Summer Market. Look for us in just west of Studio 213 and in front of Gabriel Furniture. We’re between our neighbors Spegash (great Italian food specialties) and Going to Pot Orchids. We’ll have Roasted Red Pepper and Socko Taco hummus and some of our newest creations to try. We look forward to seeing you. BTW, it would be great if you would SHARE THIS posting with your friends!!! THANKS.

I don’t even like hummus, I dislike the texture and find sesame unpleasant, but this stuff is AMAZING. It made a believe. r and devotee out of me. I eat healthier because I eat this hummus. It’s like veggies on my veggies. You can taste all the ingredients when you eat it. Plus, ♥ organic and homemade.

I absolutely love their hummus! I never liked the store bought hummus until I tried Irresistibly Healthy hummus!! I rea. lized I didn’t like the texture & lack luster flavor of the store bought. If you don’t like hummus you should at least go give this a try!!! It made a believer out of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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We use all organic and natural ingredients.
If you haven’t had hummus, you’ll like ours.
We make a variety of gourmet artisan hummus products in small batches.
If you like hummus, you’ll love ours.

3402 N Richmond St Appleton, WI 54911.
(920) 729-9404

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