Hungry Lion


(262) 268-3830


218 N Franklin St,
Port Washington, WI 53074

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Am jst craving 4it bt am lazy 2go and buy dat tuesdae 2 for my self(wow its gud 2be) ‪#‎lonely‬#

jst saw sumbudy lyk u there. .hahahahahaha

Its lunch time ga kena mosadi lefa ele ngwana tota so ka i’date.

Nglinde wena la ukuthi uthenge idisc,R40 DOPERHOLICS MIXTAPE BY GOTCHA SOUL(MPRIEST N BACKLASH). . 0743470218

Am now breaking my fast.thankyou Jesus for the strength ugave me and proved yo word that i shal nt liv by bread but oso by yo word.gudevening my beloved.

On a date with mum n Romeo!.

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@ TheOneWhoLeads
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Jet fuel can melt steel beams. #

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