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Hudson Machine and Tool. 117 likes | 1 was here. Hudson Machine and Tool is an industry leader in precision machining, providing our customers with top. .

Hudson Machine and Tool is excited to announce that we have updated our website! Make sure to visit at It is loaded with more information as well as pictures of some past jobs. Let us know what you think!

Today is ‪#‎MfgDay14‬! We are so excited to be a part of this exciting, growing and important industry! What do you love about manufacturing and this industry?

Hudson Machine and Tool still has two full-time machinist positions available! Check out our website for even more information and send all inquiries and resumes to

A couple pictures from around the shop on this Tuesday afternoon! How is your day going?

Beautiful weather, and it’s Friday and Memorial Day Weekend! What could be better? What are some of your plans this holiday weekend?

It’s Friday! During lunch, some of our workers were ready for a quick game of basketball. It was just too nice to stay inside all day!

Just some shafts on this Wednesday afternoon. What are some projects that you have been working on? Make sure to share them with us!

A cool infogram of some of the industries we have served during the first quarter of 2014

Taxes are due today! What are you going to spend your tax return money on?!

It’s Friday! Don’t forget to share your weekend projects with us!

Just finished up on some housing carriages for our customer who specializes in non-destructive testing!

Working hard on some stub shafts this Friday afternoon!

It’s Friday!! What are some of your weekend projects?

Hudson Machine and Tool’s original business card! ‪#‎throwbackthursday‬.

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hudson machine and tool image image image

Hudson Machine and Tool is a business-to-business corporation that specializes in high-quality, precision machinery with quick delivery. Quality service and products, on time delivery, with competitive pricing.
Hudson Machine and Tool. Hudson Machine and Tool has two full time position openings as a machinist!
Memorial Day Weekend is just around the corner!
What are some of your plans this weekend?. Some extra parts waiting for inspection.. Hudson Machine and Tool’s original business card!
Some parts ready for final inspection, before they ship out on this busy Wednesday!
A couple of pictures from around the shop!
How has your week been going? Just working on some shafts this afternoon, just about ready for delivery. Just completed some tubesheets! Busy Friday afternoon, working hard on some stub shafts! It is officially the start of spring today!
What are some of your spring projects that you want to accomplish?. Our offices are covered in snow and it’s still snowing but we are thinking of green today!
Patrick’s day from everyone at Hudson Machine and Tool! We have a variety of machine sizes that provides us with a wide range of products we can make. What are some #projects that you have been working on lately?
1750 Ridgeway Street Hammond, WI 54015.
(715) 796-5250

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Nat Assoc of Mfg
@ ShopFloorNAM
Here are some facts about #
manufacturing in the US. #
MFGDay14 #

Hudson Machine-Tool
@ hudsonmachine
Happy #
MfgDay14 . We are excited to see what another year brings to the #
manufacturing community!

Hudson Machine-Tool
@ hudsonmachine
Would you like to enjoy an exciting career as a machinist?! @
hudsonmachine has two full time positions available! DM or visit our website!

Hudson Machine-Tool
@ hudsonmachine
Just some pictures from around the shop on this sunny Wednesday! #
manufacturing #
hudsonmachineandtool #

Manufacturers News
@ MfrsNews
Wishing you all a very safe and happy #

Hudson Machine-Tool
@ hudsonmachine
rainyday outside our offices! Perfect time to start your projects, and HMT can be that start! Check for more info at

Hudson Machine-Tool
@ hudsonmachine
Just working on some shafts this Wednesday afternoon. What are some #
projects that you wish to accomplish this year?

Hudson Machine-Tool
@ hudsonmachine
A cool, visual graph of some of the industries we have served at the beginning of 2014 #
infogram… via @

Report: Materials handling, and machine tools will push revenues to $1.6 trillion this year #
mfg #

Hudson Machine-Tool
@ hudsonmachine
Google Glass? The next big thing in manufacturing?

Hudson Machine-Tool
@ hudsonmachine
Check out these #

Hudson Machine-Tool
@ hudsonmachine
Using #
robots to spark young minds? A fun and exciting way to teach kids about future jobs in #

Hudson Machine-Tool
@ hudsonmachine
manufacturing industry report for the first week of April.…

@ IndustryWeek
US #
Manufacturing Activity Picks Up in March

Hudson Machine-Tool
@ hudsonmachine
Need some housing carriages?? HMT does that too!!

Hudson Machine-Tool
@ hudsonmachine
Working on some stub shafts!

Hudson Machine-Tool
@ hudsonmachine
Hudson Machine and Tools original business card! #

Hudson Machine-Tool
@ hudsonmachine
Shout out to our new follower, @
NorthernTool . Thanks for your support!!

Hudson Machine-Tool
@ hudsonmachine
Another great sign moving forward in 2014! #

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