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Holy Smokes! Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin Rapids, WI. 187 likes | 8 were here. Shopping/Retail.

Thank you to those who voted! We hope your voting aids us all in prosperity over the next few years. .

We will soon be making NON-Tobacco/NON-Nicotine smokes!!! They are an herb based plant with nicotine available for you to purchase and add.

We have expanded further into the Vaping Experience. Please come in and peruse in our new and higher level of products. Our quality is increasing on a weekly basis. Come see for yourself.

We’ve been increasing our stock as well as the quality of VAPOR products. Please drop in and check them out.

Looking into working with a “custom Glass Blower” to create much of our stuff moving forward. . STAY TUNED!!!

We got some new and unique glass items in this week!!! Drop in and check them out. The colors really pop and the styles vary slightly.

To my customers. .Please take the time to read this. It WILL AFFECT YOU!!!!

We need to stop this. Its not fair!!! How is it that the government can proffit with all of the tax revenue and have nothing at stake??? Is this even constitutional?

We have some newer and nicer styles of vape tanks as well as replacement coils and variable strength batteries. As always, our prices are usually the best around. Your business is what keeps us open!!! Thank you!!!

This group going to meet with us very soon!

Come on in and try out the new TAX FREE tobacco. You can shred it in the store. Its whole leaf tobacco therefore the government can’t tax it yet. We offer a variety of flavors so drop in and ask the girls how.

The word is out that the Government is at it again!!! Apparently the tax increase on ALL tobacco products is coming in the near future. Don’t be afraid to stock up early on your Roll Your Own tobacco products!

We have a HUGE selection of Glass Pipes. Our glass prices are the best in the area. Stop in and look around. If you’re seeking that special piece and we don’t have it, provide a detailed description to whomever is working and I will see what I can do to get it in.

Shop here for ALL my tobacco needs. The prices are better than the competition unless your looking to drive out past nek. oosa. I haven’t done that in over a year so I guess I don’t know the prices out there anymore. I have never had a problem with any of the employees. Very happy to support small business and save money! Heading over to the store right now.

Friendly customer service. Good products at a great price. A++++++.

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Albert Maruggi
@ AlbertMaruggi
footenotes Oh God dont you wish there was a camera or mic capturing that initial reaction from The Donald, holy smokes. : )

♊️ Isabellah ♊️
@ Isabellahleigh
I just sneezed so hard I flung up out of bed holy smokes

John Kriesel
@ johnkriesel
Holy smokes the DirecTV install crew that came to my house today must have been drunk or it was their first day on the job.

@ antmay
Bellevue, WA
Raibles Holy Smokes &gt,&gt,&gt,&gt,&gt,&gt, Rizzs¯_(ツ)_/¯

Alverno Library
@ AlvernoLibrary
Alverno Library retweeted NY Public Library

Devin Sky Forme
@ ProfWaffles
Holy smokes. Watching The Human Experiment on #
Netflix. According to that, the rate of #
autism in kids went from 1:500 in 99 to 1:88 today.

Brooke Moore
@ BrookeMoore_14
Tom Cruise is so hot, holy smokes.

Tamara Martinsek
@ Tamduzth8r
Holy smokes Kate & Neptune that was awesome! #
SYTYCDstreet #

@ SteenaMdot
eglomb @
skarpers_dc Did she finish already?!! Holy smokes!!

Peter May Jr.
@ pmayjr
Holy smokes Bubba gave that 2nd shot a ride! Too bad it was just a bit too long.

Denise Brown
@ deniseLbrown
50% done with Red Queen, by Victoria Aveyard: Holy smokes! I didnt think Id like this as… https://goodreads.com/user_status/show/72007274…

Union Cab Co-op
@ UnionCabCoop
Holy smokes! Its Greek Fest too https://www.isthmus.com/events/greek-fest/… You now officially, have no reason to stay indoors, Madison.

Versatile DJ-Sirius
@ versatiledjent
Holy smokes. They are rappling down the Miller Park Stadium. https://fb.me/yuLsaDaq

Jamie Zoch
@ yofie
18,098.36% ROI in 8 months and the buyer says NO? Holy Smokes and not in a wise way this time IMO. #
domain names! https://dotweekly.com/18098-36-roi-in-8-months-and-you-say-no/…

@ RockCheetah
blog Holy smokes, Comfort Inn – we don’t smoke! https://j.mp/1LBQc8Z pic.twitter.com/1LeevwUy7z

Katlyn Hovland
@ katlyn_hov
Minneapolis, MN
Holy smokes. This woman is incredible. laurenbruhn #
realtalk #
GodisWAYtoogood @ The Freehouse https://instagram.com/p/5hb_Z9PxE6/

@ mischx
Such a beautiful game 3.. Holy smokes, no one could realistically make a case for the western teams at Worlds. #

Belgian Wino
@ BelgianWino
Antwerp, Belgium
Holy smokes, this new project is going to look legendary #
design #
designbuild #
ourlittlesecret #
comingsoon pic.twitter.com/ZRMyuLVU1R

Chris H
@ mindtron
Holy smokes, Sly & the Family Stone live at the Filmore East is fantastic and im only on disc 1 of 4!!! Required if you are a Sly fan #

Joey Olson
@ JoeyOlson614
Wisconsin, USA
I remember somebody telling me that Mike Trout kid was pretty good. I dont get a chance to watch him much but holy smokes.

Holy Smokes Pizza
@ Holysmokespizza
Check it out https://dt.gofund.me/w4c7y5dkc

Holy Smokes Pizza
@ Holysmokespizza
Im raising money for Father of three needs your help. Click to Donate: https://tw.gofund.me/w4c7y5dkc via @

Holy Smokes Pizza
@ Holysmokespizza
Holy Smokes Pizza going down! Mmmmmm PIZZA!!!! pic.twitter.com/krIHbaug7l

Holy Smokes Pizza
@ Holysmokespizza
I posted a new photo to Facebook https://fb.me/7aFU78hHy

Holy Smokes Pizza
@ Holysmokespizza
I posted a new photo to Facebook https://fb.me/6sfFhgSrL

Holy Smokes Pizza
@ Holysmokespizza
Making pizza at the American legion in union mills tonight having fun with the Not so newlywed game #
pizza #

Holy Smokes Pizza
@ Holysmokespizza
Like and share SABEN Consrtuctions new page…https://sabenconstruction.com https://fb.me/3HVWpC5Wk

Holy Smokes Pizza
@ Holysmokespizza

Holy Smokes Pizza
@ Holysmokespizza
Pizza slice server with scissors, pizzas cutting edge! https://fb.me/1utOxDzZ1

Holy Smokes Pizza
@ Holysmokespizza
Holy Smokes Pizza at the Contra Dance tonight.

Holy Smokes Pizza
@ Holysmokespizza
Our famous Hawaiian pizza served at the Contra Dance tonight in south bend. Made with fresh cut pineapple and some heavenly ham.

Holy Smokes Pizza
@ Holysmokespizza

Holy Smokes Pizza
@ Holysmokespizza
I posted a new photo to Facebook https://fb.me/38LOQlHhy

Holy Smokes Pizza
@ Holysmokespizza
I posted a new photo to Facebook https://fb.me/7eJjHbCd2

Holy Smokes Pizza
@ Holysmokespizza
I posted a new photo to Facebook https://fb.me/3B0wJTiNY

Holy Smokes Pizza
@ Holysmokespizza
I posted a new photo to Facebook https://fb.me/4xqa83PPP

Holy Smokes Pizza
@ Holysmokespizza
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Holy Smokes Pizza
@ Holysmokespizza
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Holy Smokes Pizza
@ Holysmokespizza
I posted a new photo to Facebook https://fb.me/3OC9jy3qQ

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