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(608) 223-9576


4002 Evan Acres Rd,
Madison, WI 53718

1 mile from the intersection of 12/18 & I-90. Near the Yahara Golf Course & Badger Harley Davidson

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Our nonstop 24-hour casino welcomes ages 18+ and offers over 1,100 slot machines, a Rewards Club and casual dining. COME GET YOUR BIG WIN AND EXPERIENCE YOUR TICKET TO MORE!
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Mon – Sun. Open 24 Hours

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Ugh I can believe someone gave me 50 just yo go to And I got hot headed and just lost it. but Lol I kept 20 cheap or what.

With my bitches at the casino busted my guys cherry. .lol he freakin hates the casino but loved the food HEY @ LEAST I WON MY MULA BACK♡♡♡

Here we come. hope luck is on my side smile emoticon

Guna pop my casino cherry aaaahhhhh!!!!

You know what’s next. .wings and fries while the Mr Kenneth Thebaldheadnut Johnson does his thing on the slots.

Gambling. Another one of my great vices.

Quick double up. Taking my profits home

It’s Been A Looonq Night Rockin It Out W/ The OG’s Just Now Leaving Dejope Fina Hit The Crib & Ease My Mind & Watch The Sun Rise For Today’s ‪#‎GRIND‬!!

I love going playing my rewards and putting in a little extra. As long as i won’t be hurting in the end! If that’s the case you shouldn’t go. Walk out feeling it’s ok if i lost. At least i am not dumb enough to give them my rent check!! Go every week

This place has gone down the last few years! Get some new games, and clean the old ones for Pete’s sake, the bathrooms are cleaner than the slot machines!

I will NEVER set foot in this facility EVER again.

Bamos a jugar un rato aver si gano

In madison!! Having a blast :):).
Here we come. hope luck is on my side „smile“-Emoticon

Guna pop my casino cherry aaaahhhhh!!!!

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ho chunk gaming madison image image image

At my experience with Ho Chunk.
I experienced little winnings and most of the time with the bonuses the slots they screw you over.
There is a certain guard there that is completely rude.I don’t know his name but he is a bit older with blonde hair and completely rude to me every time I go there. A better use of your money would be to find a garbage can and throw your money in there than going to Ho Chunk Madison. I will make sure everyone knows about how horrible Ho Chunk is.
I don’t like how everyone is pissing and moaning about this casino its actually a fantastic place sure you may not win all the time over there and hell some people are just so unlucky that they never will win but if your looking for a good place to make small talk around fellow gamblers and have a great time then this is the place to go icon smile icon smile :). Come o n guys.
Last 6 months tight as hell. It was dark and smelly. I’ve never heard of class ii slots before I went into this dump. Now that I read about them, I can’t believe I wasted money in here. People need to remember that there is no guarantee that you will win at any casino. You hope that you will win but may not. It is a place to go and enjoy yourself(win or lose). If you whine and cry about losing than find another form of entertainment. I have been a lot of casinos in USA. However, here worst., it is so hard to win the money. We’re sorry you didn’t have the best experience during your vi(…)

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@ lulrii
Madison, WI
on that birthday mojo (, @ Ho-Chunk Gaming Madison https://instagr.am/p/R4RDDssT_j/

@ alaina_
Madison, WI
are you trying to say I have a problem, foursquare? @ Ho-Chunk Gaming Madison https://instagr.am/p/R18o7JN2yI/

@ alaina_
Madison, WI
I wanna go home now. (@ Ho-Chunk Gaming Madison w/ 2 others) https://4sq.com/Spd9wT

Daniel Wolter
@ DJWolter
Madison, WI
Im at Ho-Chunk Gaming Madison (Madison, WI) https://4sq.com/P1YUBn

Erica Ontario
@ ladyerka
Madison, WI
$115 from $26 at Ho-chunk in 20 minutes. not bad. @ Ho-Chunk Gaming Madison https://instagr.am/p/PGytuGIgol/

Robert C Noble
@ MerlinMusician
Madison, WI
a bit of gaming. (@ Ho-Chunk Gaming Madison) https://4sq.com/OEEWJc

Erin Rossman
@ ErinMarieMKE
Madison, WI
Car rides are long. Much needed pit stop
icon smile(@ Ho-Chunk Gaming Madison w/ 5 others) https://4sq.com/MQmfW7

Jessica Reinert
@ junderwood
Madison, WI
This place only seems to be fun if you win money. And that didnt happen today… (@ Ho-Chunk Gaming Madison) https://4sq.com/T71cxa

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