Higher Ground Christian Center


(608) 365-8870


3160 Park Ave,
Beloit, WI 53511

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Made it. After a long night

Can’t nobody do me like Jesus .

You not leaving like you came

Had to go to church today and get my thoughts together! When there’s stress on top of anger on top of depression you feel like you loosing your mind! But when I have a ounce of fight in me I know I will overcome these things! One tragedy can rearrange your whole life if you let it and I refuse to let this take me down! When all else fails all I can do is pray!

Church was so good today! I swear that word was for me! Just don’t know how much I needed that word! Pastor Anderson is amazing and first lady reads me ever time I’m there!

This was on yesterday evening. An appreciation for the Young Musician’s of our Church who are truly on fire for God , and who we also call Beloit ‘ s Musician’s because the play all over under the strict eye and direction of our Pastor S herrick Anderson, who also is a musician and song writer. Hope you can come up and visit us sometime. Love Gwendolyn Pierce.

Church at 4:00 I go that’s all that’s been missing in my life

“Keep it real, but keep it Holy”!~~Pastor Sherrick G. Anderson.

Everybody that’s in your life is not in your for a good reason. Thank u pastor Anderson for the word. God Got My Back. .

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merli ortega
@ merli126
Wisconsin, USA
Hes playing solitary Thacher @ Higher Ground Christian Center https://instagram.com/p/ph2XCgwY_X/

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Higher Ground Christian Ctr

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