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The Color Morale
@ thecolormorale
Rockford, IL
Dear Milwaukee, WI @
VansWarpedTour: are you going!? Because we are! Make sure to keep an eye out for us walking around and come say hi!

shevon / its over
icon sad
@ carpenterlandis
Minnesota, USA
just landed, hi minnesota

Far Sparky
@ Hi_Sparky
Everyone go follow @
Pr3vise ! Hes a dope GFX Artist and Solo Sniper!! http://WWW.twitter.com/Pr3vise

Timothy J. Reynolds
@ turnislefthome
Everyones buying a house except me. And getting married. And making babies.Hi, Im 33 and unsure about most things.

shevon / its over
icon sad
@ carpenterlandis
Anaheim, CA

Sharon & Dylan Fans❤
@ TeamShylan
Hi sweet pea. Its mommy and daddy. Awwww look at these smiles #
Shylan #
YR pic.twitter.com/wE64QL6ZXi

@ Eastbay
Reimagine retro style with the #
Converse #
ChuckII Hi, dropping Tuesday. pic.twitter.com/6QuLoLA3b7

Time Atlas
@ TimeAtlasMN
Hey! Were at Minnesotas Warped Tour today, come say hi if you see us!

austin brady
@ AustinOCTW
WARPED TOUR TODAYif you see me, say hi!

See The Rise
@ officialSTR
If youre at @
VansWarpedTour in MN today some of us will be hanging out! Come say hi!

@ H4ppySt1ck
Hi, I love you…

@ _14inches
i also gave myself bangs again hi pic.twitter.com/3OijHlaQ8Y

Cameron Burns
@ CameronOCTW
Hi! Whos awake

Katie Tiedrich
@ katietiedrich
oh hi pic.twitter.com/LwEAPN6xwd

ღ i saw them ღ
@ Singlebcniallq
Aalst, België
NiallOfficial Hi sunshine ✸*• If this gets 200rts would you please follow me•*✸I LOVE YOU SO MUCH

austin brady
@ AustinOCTW
hi dickhead pic.twitter.com/Osx4EJuBMo

New Forest Dog
@ NewForestDog
We has hardly moved all day. I has tried to lighten the mood by bringing HI a She most unappreciative.Pfft! pic.twitter.com/mpqB39h2PU

Ashley Mardell
@ AshleyMardell
Idk if Im doing a meet up this weekend, but I know Grace and Ill be in the Hilton lobby tonight at midnight. So come say hi if you want
icon smile

@ Cellusious
hi @
muhdeer oh deer. youre weird. heres a pixely gift for you to fear pic.twitter.com/fsOD8KuBqY

@ Cellusious
hi @
heyjenbartel you are incredible and a super positive art force so i pixeled you a tiny gift: pic.twitter.com/QKZrpGdXMi

Tessa Ruid
@ BadgerRunner
Wisconsin, USA
WiStateJournal hi @

The Briefing
@ TheBriefing2016
The horror! The terror! The denial! Behold: the Mad (not a) Scientists.https://amp.twimg.com/v/10d5c660-fb0c-4419-8535-0fe6c9dd134c…

Hillary Clinton
@ HillaryClinton
Hillary just unveiled the first steps of her broad #
climatechange agenda. Here is #2: pic.twitter.com/xG0UKQ7To7

Hillary Clinton
@ HillaryClinton
Hillary has a plan to take our renewable energy production to the next level. This is just step one: pic.twitter.com/kFlFJPtMN7

Hillary Clinton
@ HillaryClinton
Join the fight against #
climatechange while wearing the all-new Green Tee: http://hrc.io/1KtWzLj pic.twitter.com/Ic20Aswcbk

Hillary Clinton
@ HillaryClinton
Happening now in Des Moines: Hillarys discussing the first steps in her plan to address climate change. Watch live: http://hrc.io/1gZJOM9

Hillary Clinton
@ HillaryClinton
There has never been a better moment to reimagine how we power America. – @
johnpodesta, #
Hillary2016 chair: http://hrc.io/1OwhVpk

Hillary Clinton
@ HillaryClinton
We dont hide from change. We harness it. Learn more about Hillarys environmental agenda:https://amp.twimg.com/v/3b647822-eb22-4226-9bef-6118ddff7ba9…

Ann OLeary
@ Ann_OLeary
Proud @
HillaryClinton is fighting for young people w/disabilities to get jobs they want & deserve #
IWantToWork #
ADA25 pic.twitter.com/TYxMFs75Qz

Hillary Clinton
@ HillaryClinton
Stand with Hillary for a healthier climate: http://hillaryclinton.com/climate pic.twitter.com/a2Z5Hi6eBk

Hillary Clinton
@ HillaryClinton
We have to do much more—and we have to do it now. Watch the video:https://amp.twimg.com/v/81ea8870-9c63-4046-985e-b158c488d7c3…

Hillary Clinton
@ HillaryClinton
So as step one, Im proposing goals to meet this challenge and power our economy forward. Learn more at http://hillaryclinton.com/climate. -H

Hillary Clinton
@ HillaryClinton
You dont have to be a scientist to accept scientific evidence. Climate change is real and we must act. -Hhttps://amp.twimg.com/v/73b9753d-1d12-4f67-a804-bcdefbba45e6…

John Podesta
@ johnpodesta
A moment of focus w/ Jake & our video team as we make final edits to a big new release. Watch for it tonight. pic.twitter.com/Y0JMkk6bdO

Molly Scherrman
@ mollyscherrman
So proud to have the support of story county Dems chair Jan Bauer! #
Hillary2016 #
IAcaucus pic.twitter.com/8rQ8VTm9jI

@ OurPresidents
ADA25 History: @
SpecialOlympics athletes at the White House with @
BillClinton and @
HillaryClinton, 12/17/98. http://ow.ly/Q3biY

Hillary Clinton
@ HillaryClinton
Today, we handed our account to Sara to celebrate #
ADA25 and what it means for families. Read it on @
Storify: http://hrc.io/1MuW2sQ

Katherine Rogers
@ kat_rogers
Keene, NH
Marlene is a twin& took care of her sister for yrs. She knows @
HillaryClinton will fight4 the ppl who need help, too! pic.twitter.com/M4SKFk5wMF

Hillary Clinton
@ HillaryClinton
Sara: Thanks for sharing your story with us on #
ADA25. Your work every day – as a mom, nurse, and advocate – is an inspiration to us all. -H

Hillary Clinton
@ HillaryClinton
Thanks for listening. Follow along at @
HillaryforIA as we celebrate #
ADA25! —Sara pic.twitter.com/Do6PFzytwb

Hillary Clinton
@ HillaryClinton
Today on the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, Adam, Dale & I are thrilled to spend the day with Hillary. #

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