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Heaven and Earth Acupuncture and Wellness – Now open in Brookfield, Wisconsin and serving the Milwaukee area, including Waukesha and Milwaukee counties. Free Initial consultation and first treatment with insurance verification.
I can’t say enough about Heaven and Earth Acupuncture. Kyle is great – he listens to your concerns, works out a plan to assist the issues you are dealing with, and is willing to work with you during your treatment. The office is spotless, and very relaxing, and I don’t think I have ever waited more than a few minutes for an appointment, if at all.

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Heaven Adores You is an intimate, meditative inquiry into the life and music of Elliott Smith (1969 – 2003). Brooklyn
Brighton here we come! Looking forward to a great night @heavenadoresyou @DukeofYorks @seadogmusic @timjboddy @AstraForward @joestrummy
Tempted to go buy a white suit to wear at the upcoming @heavenadoresyou screening. pic.twitter.com/6Dx4Yduq3v
Tonight’s the night for the Elliott Smith film @heavenadoresyou in Brighton. Been looking forward to seeing it for a very long time

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    Bradley S.

    Milwaukee, WI

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    I have suffered from a condition called cluster headaches for years. When I was diagnosed I had tried everything to manage my pain. Western medicine had provided me little option and much expense and an exorbitant amount of medication. My condition continued to worsen as time went by and my continued discomfort and incredible frequency of my headaches made it extremely difficult to accomplish the duties of full-time work. В 

    Now, as someone who despised needles, I would have never considered acupuncture as an acceptable remedy, but after meeting Kyle and speaking with him about his process, I decided to give it a chance and I am so glad I did. I was nervous at first but because of my choice to work with Kyle, I’ve been able to see a noticeable change in my life not only from the work he did to reduce the frequency of my headaches and also helping me manage the pain for the ones that arose, but also in an overall wellness approach and all without prescription medications or discomfort. В 

    Kyle helps with so much in me and my wife’s life as it relates to our health and wellness and I’m glad of the professional relationship we’ve been able to establish. Kyle is extremely talented, does the work and the studying to perfect his craft and truly knows what he’s doing. I was initially concerned that this experiment would have been a complete horror story, but Kyle has turned this into one of enjoyment and success. В 

    So if you have any issues with pain or if you just need a great way to reduce stress and increase wellness Kyle is amazing!

  2. bill p reviewer

    Bill P.

    Hartland, WI

    Rate 5.0 of 5.0 stars

    I have nothing but the best to say about Kyle Smith both as an acupuncturist and as a person. В I discovered Kyle through a link from United Healthcare insurance and was very impressed by what he had written on his Web site, especially how acupuncture had helped him with whiplash and how he then decided to go into it to help others. В Being wary about this new form of treatment, his policy of not charging for the initial consultation and first treatment helped to put me at ease. В [As a side note, the acupuncturist in my chiropractor’s office charges $100 for the initial consultation and $70 for each treatment].

    In late December 2011 when I first saw him, I had been suffering from severe upper back and neck pain which had started 3 months earlier. В I had been seeing a chiropractor who used manipulation and interferential, but it provided only temporary relief. В During my first full treatment with Kyle, he put a needle in my left upper back and I could feel an immediate sense of relaxation and relief, and I was then sure that I had found someone to help me. В By mid-January, the pain that had stuck with me since the prior September had finally disappeared…for good!

    As Kyle explained more about acupuncture to me, I realized how beneficial the treatments can be for other problems, including carpal tunnel. В In early summer 2012, Kyle began a new aspect in my treatment by putting a needle in my chest (since I was then being treated face up rather than face down). В Apparently in Chinese medicine, the heart is the source of joy. В Believe it or not, В and completely unexpectedly, I started feeling more joyful. В One day shortly thereafter, as I was taking my daily walk, I realized that I had a little bit more bounce in my step. В Out of nowhere, while driving in my car, I started singing along with music on my CDs (which I had unintentionally quit doing many months before and didn’t know why…just didn’t feel like it…didn’t feel happy or motivated enough to do it).

    I now see Kyle weekly to maintain a good sense of well-being. В Kyle is not only an experienced acupuncturist and knows what he is doing, but he’s also a great guy: В very genuine and caring, with a good sense of humor and fairness and honesty. В I know in my heart that he is not out to bilk me. В Even when I first met him, he told me that he provides the initial consultation and first treatment free just to make sure that people don’t have to pay if their body doesn’t accept the acupuncture needles or if there’s, for some reason, a clash of personalities. В How fair can you get? В You can’t go wrong by giving Kyle a try!

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    Sara A.

    New Berlin, WI

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    NEVER before have I been so satisfied with the results I have found in acupuncture! Kyle is extremely knowledgeable and helpful and has helped me bring my life back to normal. With extreme migraines my entire life, for the first time in my life I can say acupuncture was my answer! For the past year + I haven’t experienced anything like i used to until trying acupuncture. It has been a life changing experience and I wouldn’t change it for anything! Kyle and his techniques are wonderful! I recommend him to anyone, and everyone, with any type of pain! it makes a HUGE difference!!

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