(262) 375-2005


1522 Wisconsin Ave.,
Grafton, WI 53024

Located South of Hwy 60.

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Headquarters, Grafton, Wisconsin. 51 likes | 1 was here. Best Barber Shop in Town!.

The services that are provided are Men’s haircutting with neck shaves. Women’s and children also! I also do face shaves on appointment. I prefer appointments but can definitely do walk ins when I don’t have an appointment.

Come check out my new location, opened today!

I have been getting my hair cut by Jill for 7 years, and always get compliments when I get home. No fuss, just a great cut!.

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Reasonably priced men’s haircuts with neck shave included.
Children and women haircuts also.
1522 Wisconsin Ave Grafton, WI 53024.
(262) 375-2005

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Natalie Rose
@ GrowSweetJoy
Menomonee Falls, WI
Im at @
Kohls Corporate Office and Headquarters in Menomonee Falls, WI w/ @
nyxsiern https://www.swarmapp.com/c/ex9qAWiIsDP

Hispanic Chamber
@ HispanicDenver
WorldRemit cuts customer service jobs in its London headquarters: WorldRemit, the London-based money transfer … https://bit.ly/1GVOp6R

KC Glaser
@ KCGlaser
Im at IDQ – World Headquarters in Minneapolis, MN w/ @
javiershow https://www.swarmapp.com/c/j9WebVruonf

Dennis J. McGrath
@ djmstrib
Before the storms, it was quite a sunrise over downtown Mpls. The view from @
StarTribune headquarters. pic.twitter.com/f6fLJiuySo

@ TomDaykin
Roofing contractor proposes Falls headquarters https://bit.ly/1Msoxqg

Anna Mathieu
@ anna_mathieu
Ending Dave weekend by eating at the Toppers world headquarters was probably the best thing that could ever happen

Kelly Ferguson
@ Kelferg
Happened upon ACTFL headquarters in Alexandria. Cause Im that big of a nerd. pic.twitter.com/8maZ8ozjBB

ISIS escapes battle front in Hasakah, evacuates headquarters – ARA News https://aranews.net/2015/07/isis-escapes-battle-front-in-hasakah-evacuates-headquarters/… via @

Minneapolis Schools
@ MPS_News
Families- Come create tape art at MPS headquarters tomorrow at FLOW Northside from 11:30-3:30!https://bit.ly/1I9RmpS pic.twitter.com/GDiL2SYs2q

IG: YaBoiDarin
@ YaBoiDarin
S/O to @
StevieStone09 for rocking that Minnesota Timberwolves fitted in the Strange Music headquarters tour!#

Johnson Controls
@ JCI_BatteryBeat
Didyouknow, @
JohnsonControls global headquarters has LEED Platinum certification from @
USGBC? https://on.jci.com/1OkJX78 pic.twitter.com/LKETfQFg2f

Matthew Coley
@ MarimbaColey
Swell evening @
bdlpercussion headquarters! New mallet practice pad coming soon…look out. @
drumchattr @
DrummerCafe pic.twitter.com/zmF0qgPQbZ

David Hoffman
@ CoyoteFeeder
David Hoffman retweeted Jana Waller

Play Magnus
@ PlayMagnus
RT @
garylanechess: Magnus Carlsen drives a Lamborghini at the headquarters of Volkswagen in Germany. #
chess pic.twitter.com/pz4dhrhZ1b

@ Roufusport
Coach @
dukeroufus teaching #
Kickboxing Class tonight at the #
Roufusport Headquarters #
Striking… https://instagram.com/p/5dVx4pDrkQ/

Claire Rutkoske
@ MBJClaire
Tech #
News French cybersecurity firm selects Pittsburgh for headquarters https://ow.ly/31IA1s

All American Girl
@ AIIAmericanGirI
UNDER SIEGE: Immigration Protesters Stage Attack Against Sheriff Joes Own Headquarters PHOTOS https://conservativetribune.com/immigration-protesters-attack/…

Shayla Thiel Stern
@ ProfessorShayla
Hanging out with a bunch of social data geeks at the amazing Optum headquarters. Good times! Thanks, @
Sysomos. #

Red Dot Arms
@ RedDotArms
Red Dot Arms is your Concealed Carrie headquarters https://tinyurl.com/megvoaphttps://www.reddotarms.com/shop/apparel/concealed-carry.html?manufacturer=1725… pic.twitter.com/9ISN28Kxxl

Peter Christensen
@ draftcheat
live shot of @
fanduel headquarters pic.twitter.com/4Qgssbix5B

Albert Mangagil
@ SharkbaitOoahha
Red Wing, MN
Worlds biggest boot at size 638.5! @ Red Wing Shoe Company Headquarters https://instagram.com/p/5Sr_thMIFH/

IIDA Headquarters
Interior design of French Press Café done with all recycled and reclaimed materials. https://bit.ly/1MSw7sj pic.twitter.com/x8frRxJL04

IIDA Headquarters
Get social media tips from @
JPerelman VP @
BuzzFeed #
IIDALeadersBreakfastLos Angeles! Early bird special ends 7/31. https://bit.ly/1HUNtUg

IIDA Headquarters
Offices of Israeli diet guru Heli Maman reflect outdoor/indoor feeling, complete w/ streets. https://bit.ly/1Ind3OH pic.twitter.com/zAerUyIiEc

IIDA Headquarters
Designed an outstanding #
healthcare interior space? Enter IIDA Healthcare Interior Design Competition! https://bit.ly/IIDAHIDC

IIDA Headquarters
Friday Fun. Jet setting animals will soon have their own luxury terminal at Kennedy Airport. https://bit.ly/1GHrnk1 pic.twitter.com/mIxf9T9SCd

Progressive AE
@ ProgressiveAE
See pg. 5 of @
Healthcare #
InteriorDesign Competition Winners to see our award winning work w/ @
MercyHealthWM https://issuu.com/iidahq/docs/2014hidc_winners…

Eat Purely
@ EatPurely
Were excited to be part of @
CS_Interiors Chefs Night Out w/ @
UntitledChicago @
EatBrassMonkey @

IIDA Headquarters
Are you a healthcare designer? Here are some visualization tools to refine your interior design ideas. https://bit.ly/1VwiyVf

IIDA Headquarters
Staff and visitors enter the Klarna office through a blue, metal shimmering tunnel. https://bit.ly/1KkSUiN pic.twitter.com/bFuiVngr65

IIDA Headquarters
View translation
Registration opens August for NeoCon East, Oct. 28-29, Pennsylvania Convention Center. https://bit.ly/1fkcz55 pic.twitter.com/Ev4w38xhQF

IIDA Headquarters
Offices of Grupo Gallegos are built into the shell of an old movie theater. https://bit.ly/1KiSCco pic.twitter.com/AK4Rs9V5NH

IIDA Headquarters
Are game-inspired presentation models the future of the interior design industry? https://bit.ly/1OsqfHk pic.twitter.com/aCd4qKDY99

IIDA Headquarters
Four-legged friends are welcome at the Fingerpaint marketing agency. https://bit.ly/1JcuczJ pic.twitter.com/hZeFPPZ7EM

IIDA Headquarters
Register now for inaugural IIDA Advocacy Symposium-Austin, Texas, Sept 11-13. https://bit.ly/IIDAadvsymposium… #
IIDAadvocacy pic.twitter.com/cMBoLCXkVq

IIDA Headquarters
Alley accommodates tiny restaurant. https://bit.ly/1Kbb7N2 pic.twitter.com/K4S6pxwQ9l

IIDA Headquarters
What will make for the safest, most affective #
healthcare design environments in the coming years? https://bit.ly/1Mwbfaf

IIDA Headquarters
Friday Fun. Wallet made of sustainable cork fabric fastened by hand. Zero stitches/fasteners. https://bit.ly/1DiZEpG pic.twitter.com/mHQ55fBpsF

IIDA Headquarters
Discover your space, your place, your IIDA. Become new Professional or Associate Member. Save 50% off regular dues. https://bit.ly/1O9aDrw

NCIDQ Examination
@ NCIDQexam
Start studying for the Fall Exams now. The Spring 2015 PDP is now in stock! Order Here: https://ow.ly/PEKFQ

IIDA Headquarters
Which room do you prefer to work in: purple, blue or orange? https://bit.ly/1O8CoAg pic.twitter.com/tDcITYNs8h

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