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196 Edgewood Dr,
Oxford, WI 53952

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Have a Heart Dog Homes INC. A No-Kill shelter and breeder of quality AKC males and females.
Golden Retrievers and Standard Poodles.
Goldendoodles, Golden Retriever and Standard Poodle puppies available. Also nonshed small breeds.
I can see why on the surface someone may think Have A Heart Rescue / Golden Barns may be a puppy mill. That is NOT the case. Letta has chosen to use her 10 acre farm and home as a dog rescue. She also successfully breeds healthy poodles and labradoodles.
Her choice for the first lead her to also do the second with the knowledge it would help pay for the rescue. All the dogs she rescues are spay or neutered as they go through the intake process.
No adopted dog leaves without spay or neutering.
Letta & her staff are selflessly giving of their time and resources to all of the animals in their care. Have A Heart is an inspected and licensed facility. Letta is required to keep records of the MANY cares she preforms EVERY day for her charges.
I drove 2 hours to come here for our new dog & I would encourage anyone to find there next 4 legged family member from this shelter.

196 Edgewood Dr Oxford, WI 53952.
(608) 584-5317

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