Hartbrook Lanes




(414) 559-1357

(262) 367-5166


550 Hartbrook Dr,
Hartland, WI 53029

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*Complete Catering Service *Bar Facilities *Weddings/Anniversaries *Corporate Parties/Seminars *Retirement & Birthday Celebrations. 24 Lanes Or Automatic Scoring League Bowling, Hall holds 300

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The end of era. It’s like the land that time forgot!

The wallpaper design is raised and velvety. And orange underneath, of course.

Gotta love orange the carpeted walls!

Dangerous! Roi almost lost a finger!

Actually. Leagues will never “orm” here again! Смайлик «frown»

The final fish fry!!! Смайлик «frown».

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Ellie Zimmerman
@ ellie_zimmerman
Hartland, WI
Hartbrook Lanes Bowling Alley! pic.twitter.com/cMAQL4CRE7

Arrowhead Young Life
@ YoungLifeAHS
Waukesha, WI
BOWLING. Tonight. You know you want to. Hartbrook Lanes 7:30-9. Not into bowls? Come play Mow. Whats Mow? Youll find out. #

Luna Weaver Kaebisch
@ lkaebs
Hartland, WI
Summer baseball family #
goodfriends #
goodtimes @
shelly_walker @
gaspersandi @
blburns24 @ Hartbrook Lanes https://instagram.com/p/fG-rNrQZQO/

Luna Weaver Kaebisch
@ lkaebs
Hartland, WI
Land O Lakes Baseball Banquet @
kaebs8 @ Hartbrook Lanes https://instagram.com/p/fGvNc4QZSY/

Katie Krause
@ TheK80K
Hartbrook Lanes
Beer and bowling with the brother
icon smile(@ Hartbrook Lanes) https://4sq.com/15dHDdC

Jef Niedfeldt
@ Jniedfeldt
Hartbrook Lanes
Im at Hartbrook Lanes (Hartland, WI) https://4sq.com/NdUog2

Heidi Braun
@ JCHeidi
Hartbrook Lanes
Taking the @
JCOSJ team bowling! (@ Hartbrook Lanes) https://4sq.com/yv1S1Z

Cassandra Zimmerman
@ cassiezimmerman
Hartbrook Lanes
Deer widow bowl!!! (@ Hartbrook Lanes) https://4sq.com/rBXQ2P

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