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Whitstable’s unique community of artists, artisans and independent retailers offering a vibrant alternative to the clone towns & Tescoland every week-end. Whitstable, Kent
Hollys healthy hearts @HarbourVillager this weekend made ox & lambs hearts & named after Daisy’s sister Holly pic.twitter.com/rlW4oPsz91
We are back open at @HarbourVillager this Saturday now all the madness of Crufts is over!
Great start to year nine at the Village and new traders joining in the next few weeks.. pic.twitter.com/QOnqbR07br

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    Susan M.

    Racine, WI

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    Our Mother has been a resident of Harbour House, The Cottage, for four and a half years. We came to Harbour House on a recommendation of friend who was a Social Worker and who had a relative residing in the Assisted Living facility. We felt very fortunate to bring our Mother here after years of caring for her in her home. It was not an easy thing to do, but we had come to a place in time in which our Mother’s needs were becoming В more demanding and more difficult for us to handle. We now feel as though Harbour Village and everyone there is like family helping us through a very challenging time in our lives. Our Mother has been incontinent since her arrival and has always needed directives in grooming and personal care. Recently she was admitted to the hospital for a bout with the norovirus and had to remain there for a week. During that time she was attended to by numerous hospital staff. All of the medical professionals were amazed at how well she had been cared for in regard to her hygiene and skin. So many comments were made in regard to the condition of her diapered area where there were no bed sores, no rashes, and no issues of any medical concern. Her entire body was free of marks, bruises, or even basic dryness. She appeared as if she was a regular visitor to a spa even though she could not tell you if her skin felt dry or uncomfortable. We told the hospital staff that all of the credit for this went to a wonderful and devoted group of workers who were diligent in the care of our Mother–keeping her clean and cared for on a daily basis for almost five years. В This staff works incredibly hard to maintain basic hygiene and freshness in regard to its residents. There is a lot of effort made to use wipes, creams, powders, and soap. The hospital personnel stated that this was certainly a fortunate situation and how lucky we were to have such exceptional care. It was very apparent that Mom’s situation was not what they were used to seeing in these circumstances. В We felt that this was noteworthy and deserved an acknowledgment. We have told numerous staff members, but feel that this should be brought to the attention of management as it is such a wonderful reflection of one of the many positive ways that the staff of Harbour House goes above and beyond in the care of their forever grateful residents. We cannot show our appreciation enough for Mom’s angels who work so hard to provide a quality of life to these sweet people whose quality of life has been compromised in too many ways.

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