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22230 45th St,
Bristol, WI 53104

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We have been camping there for years.
We camp before down below by the merry go round playground decided the hill was to sweep to walk up all the time. We decided to camp up by the camp store and the pool. We always get the sites by the cabins and tunnel playground.
They are very nice,level, and pull thru. We love it there. Yes it is outdated but the prices are excellent. Plenty of things to do for the whole entire weekend for the kids.
We like doing our own things sometime we do the them or not. Enjoy this campground so much. When people say this place if full of kids, they aren’t kidding.
The people in the RV next to us had 5 kids alone. This is actually a plus for me, I’d imagine having so many kids to hang out with being an awesome experience for anyone over the age of 5. One thing I didn’t like was the pond / lake. It had an unnatural blue hue to it. When you splashed around in it, it stuck together like soapy water.
I showered twice to get rid of it. While walking around the pool area, I noticed a little magic show going on. Seemed like a lot of fun. Didn’t get to see the museum, nature walk or petting zoo so can’t speak for them. They have a small park that you can pay for ride / amusement or 30 per person for the day. All in all, it seemed like it be a blast for kids albeit a bit expensive. Would definitely go here again if a family trip fell through and needed to swap out plans.
The owner was v(…)

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