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(715) 276-7833


13333 State Highway 32 64,
Mountain, WI 54149

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The star, t of a great weekend

Some people are just amazing, lmao

Marty Schroeder Tim Tim Armstrong Vicki Schulke

Stop #3!!!! A few cocktails and lunch!

The Stroms, Mountain Wi. Finally! Time to relax!

Jim Konetzke, Laura Jean. Dan Meacham, Dorie Guyette, Gary Konetzke. Michelle Berholtz-Ver Bruggen, Jerry, Laura Schuh, Adam Schuh, Edwin Tater and a few I don’t know yet!

Great Burger. Doug the owner was hilarious. Card tricks for the kid. We needed fire wood, he walked us to the stand, when it was empty, he offered his own supplies. Great guy. You don’t find service like that in the city. We’ll be back.

This bar is the best around, Doug is a great bartender!.

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Ross Maxwell – WAPL
@ RossMaxwellWAPL
Mountain, WI
Ross Maxwell Tavern Tour Stop #
8a (@ Green Lake Tap) http://4sq.com/VoW9xk

Matt Miller
@ VIPowner
Mountain, WI
Lunch time with Charlie! (@ Green Lake Tap) http://4sq.com/ODKU0f

Greg Duescher
@ iShBuu
Mountain, WI
I think Im here more than I am at home recently. (@ Green Lake Tap) http://4sq.com/hgvSCu

Greg Duescher
@ iShBuu
Mountain, WI
Im at Green Lake Tap (3333 State Highway 32, Mountain) http://4sq.com/hQxxay

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