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400 N Richmond St,
Appleton, WI 54911

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Green Gecko Grocer & Deli 2. 318 likes | 23 talking about this | 110 were here. We are a community grocer serving beer, wine, tapas, breakfast, lunch and. .

Coleen’s Tough Times vinegars dress this roasted farm market vegetable salad nicely.

Green Gecko Grocer & Deli, Green Gecko Grocer & Deli 2, both of our locations will be open for the Mile of Music festival, check out our new store on the corner of Richmond and Packard streets. We offer a huge variety of dining options including vegetarian and vegan selections. We offer great Wisconsin cheeses and craft beers. You can get a mixed six pack for carry-out for the same price as a six pack (excludes premium beers). Outside seating available at our Richmond Street location. Brown bag lunches will be available at our City Center store, perfect for outdoor performances, $7.25 for a deli sandwich from our grab n go, 1 pieced of hand fruit and a bag of chips. Or, try come by any store and we’ll build a custom picnic.

Our soup today is Chicken Gumbo. Smoked Pheasant Quesadilla. Fresh wild caught Alaskan Salmon is in the house. Join us for sangria and tapas tonight!

Headed to the Lunchtime Live Concert? Stop by the Green Gecko in City Center Plaza for your brown bag lunch. You get one grab and go sandwich, one bag of chips and a piece of fruit for only $7.25. Tonight we’re serving Lasagna, either with grass fed beef (Richmond Street only) or spinach mushroom.

How about a pizza with pesto, spinach, mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes? That’s our Megela! Or maybe hummus, artichoke hearts, feta and curried onion and olive relish and roast red pepper? Try our Mediterranean! We have a wide variety of unique pizzas, or you can choose your own combination. Enjoy $3.00 off a bottle of wine or $2.00 Wisconsin craft beers with any pizza eaten here. Or, since it’s finally cool enough to open your windows, call us for a carryout. 831-8311 (Richmond location, open until 8pm)or 380-5701 (City Center, open until 7pm) and take one home! Almost forgot. today’s soup is lentils with lamb at Richmond and chicken noodle at City Center.

Our soup today is creamy tomato basil. Blue Plate Special; BLT or Gourmet Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. Wine tasting at our Richmond Street store tonight at 5:30. We’ll taste French wines with Chuck Barnham from General Beverage and have tapas and cheese. Join us.

We are serving our Mexican Monday menu tonight. Flank Steak Fajitas, Green Chili Pork Tostadas, Chicken Quesadilla, Chili Con Queso, black bean tostadas and fresh sweet corn.

If you’re downtown for Art in the Park stop by Green Gecko on Richmond Street. Brunch until 2:00, open until 5:00. We’re featuring our Nicoise salad. Add an ear of Allenville sweet corn to any order for $1. Now available, house made black bean burger, the “Walt Hamburger”, served on a homemade bun. You can sub our veg gym burger for any of the burgers on our menu.

We’re firing up the grill tonight at our Richmond street location. Chef Joe Ramirez from Dominican Republic has flank steak and chicken marinating. Michael Grabner will be playing live music. Allenville corn ready to be grilled. Starts at 5:00.

Come on down and visit the Gecko Girls at the Green Gecko farm market booth.

Our soup today is Dal. We’re serving our grass fed beef meatloaf dinner tonight. Also on the menu, spinach and mushroom lasagna. If you’re going to the concert in Houdini Plaza today, stop by out City Center store for a brown bag lunch (sandwich from our grab n go cooler, chips and hand fruit for $7.25).

Our soup today is cream of chicken with wild rice. Pizza features today at both of our stores. Headed to the concert tomorrow? Grab a brown bag lunch from our City Center store.

Creamy Tomato Basil soup today. BLT with Neuske’s Bacon. Grilled Brie and Tomato on choice of sliced bread.

Macaroni and Cheese made with smoked blue and sharp cheddar cheeses with mushrooms today. Our soup is cheesy potato.

Looking for part time work? Green Gecko is looking for deli workers who are available weekends.

Great day for brunch on the patio. Green Gecko features organic eggs on the brunch menu. Try our feature benedict options including one made with lox and a vegetarian option.

Our soup today is clam chowder made with Neuske’s bacon. Our blue plate special is a smoked chicken tostada. We’re serving fresh cod for dinner tonight. Join us for live music tomorrow; Walt Hamburger, Jordin Baas and Bloth. Show star, ts at 3:30 and will be on the patio, weather permitting.

Great menu. Wonderful food. Perfect coffee. I love this place.

University Lounge, Appleton, WI. 350 likes | 70 were here. University Lounge.

Hey all, This is a reminder that this page will no longer be used. Please “LIKE” the new page called, UNIVERSITY SHOT BAR See you at the U!

Until then the university is also open week nights!

We sure did!! Stop in. Whitney from 4-9, Tedd and Josh are in at 9- close!

We put the U in F-U-N!! stop in for Whitney bartending from 4-9 then Josh and Sarah take over from 9- close bringing you to a fantastic end of your night!

National Championship at the U tonight. Game star, ts at 8:23. If Michigan wins: Derek, Don, Eric, Billy Bob, and Merisha will win. If Louisville wins: Craig, Billy Bob, Eric, Corey, and Colton will win. Prizes: Fireball Wake Board, Fireball Grill/Cooler, Fireball Nike Jacket, Dr. McGillicudy’s Neon, Captain Morgan Mirror. See you at the U.

I would like to thank my staff for doing a great job of making the U a fun place to hang out. I would also like to thank all of my customers for helping me make the U a successful business. Thank you all.

Happy Easter! Our guest bartender, Tyler opens at 1. Tedd and Sarah come in at 5:30, and Emily comes in at 9. This is Ebben’s final day at the U. $2 everything.

The U is open at 1pm on Sunday. Guest bartender: Tyler from The Bar: 1-5:30. Tedd and Sarah come in at 5:30, and Emily will join in at 9pm. Ebben’s lat night at the U! $2 EVERYTHING!

Whitney opened, Danielle is working now, and Erin will work tonight with Chris. Danielle and Erin are working their last shift at the U. Stop in to say hi. Fireball girls will be here tonight. See you at the U!

Badgers are playing UMASS Lowel right now. Danielle opens and works 4-9. Emily and Chris come in at 9. NCAA basketball star, ts at 6:15. I only have 2 final four teams left. How many do you have?

Today is Renee’s last shift. Stop down to say hi. Renee will open and work 4-9. Danielle will work 9-close. NCAA tournament star, ts up again today. Marquette plays first. . See you at the U!

Stop at the U for a cold one. Danielle opens and works 4-9. Kari is working her final shift 9-close. Stop down to say goodbye and thanks to Kari. See you at the U!

Ebben left. Ah, Ah Ah Ahhhh! Renee opens and works 4-9. Chris will work 9-close Dice Night (shake a 3 and its FREE) See you at the U!

We’re taking that final turn. This is Ebben’s last week at the U. Thank you all for helping me build this business. Stop in to say hi and bye sometime this week. Some of the bartenders are working their last week here as well. Tonight is Sarah at 4, and then Kari 9-close. See you at the U.

The Fireball girls are at the U!

The tournament is star, ting and the U is open. Sparty star, ts it out. Marquette plays at 2:10. Watch all the action at the U. Continue to earn teams. See you at the U!

Kentucky star, ts their hunt for a second straight championship, this time NIT. The play-in games also begin tonight. Stop down and earn more tournament teams. Ebben opens until Danielle can get here. Kari will work 9-close. See you at the U!

Even Bo doesn’t know how he’s doing it, but do it one more time Bo. Badgers play Ohio State at 2:30. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Stop in for some Lucky U Juice.

Big win for the Badgers yesterday. Up next, IU at 12:30. Danielle opens at 11, Theresa works 3-8, Erin comes in at 8, and Kari comes in at 9. Have you tried the Lucky U?.

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117 S Appleton St Appleton, WI 54911.
(920) 831-8311

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Green Gecko Grocery & Deli

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