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(608) 437-9171


1703 Eggum Rd,
Mount Horeb, WI 53572

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Great Scott’s Pizza, Mount Horeb, WI. 2,569 likes | 285 talking about this | 42 were here.

After 8 days at the UW I’m heading home today. The staff here has been amazing. I still have a long recovery, but I look forward to being back at the pizza place as soon as I can. I want to thank everyone for their thoughts and well wishes. And to my staff who have really shined during this, you are the greatest! -Scottie

Due to Scott’s long recovery and that he has been doing the weekday lunch hours by himself, we have decided to return to our old hours. All of our wonderful staff is keeping our evening and weekend hours up and running though. Don’t be afraid to order your favorite pizza for supper or over the weekend! Our hours will be: 4-9 pm Monday- Thursday 11am-10pm Friday- Saturday 11am- 9pm Sunday

Scott is in his third surgery at the moment. We are hoping this will be he last one, fingers crossed! Once again, thank you to our amazing staff and customers! Everyone’s support has been amazing!! -Morgan

I have an update. Scott just finished his second surgery on his left wrist. Everything went well but it took a titanium plate and 11 screws to put it all together. The doctor is hoping to do the second surgery on his right wrist next week.

I want to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who has sent well wishes to Scott and our family. Scott is doing a little better today. His pain is a little more manageable. Scott will need at least one more surgery for sure, but we don’t know when it will be yet. I would also like to thank all of our wonderful employees, and even past employees offering to come back, who have stepped up and been so helpful and working so hard to fill in for Scott. We are very appreciative to everyone!! -Scott’s wife Morgan

Customers and friends, please bear with us over the next few weeks as our hours may be difficult. Last night, Scott was in a bad motorcycle accident. He will be alright, but has broken both wrists. I will keep you posted as we know more. Thank you for your support, Morgan Chapman, Scott’s wife.

FREE 2-Liter with purchase of any 16″ Pizza! >>>CALL 437-9171<<<Tonight only, limit 1 per customer.

Current wait time is 20 Minutes for carry-out and about 30 for delivery! Call 437-917!

It’s too hot to turn on the oven or stand next to a grill. Let us cook for you tonight. Call 437-9171! This weekend get a 14″ 2-topping pizza, cheesestix and a 2-liter for only $20!

FYI- We can deliver to ” Wednesday Night Live” we will also provide plates, napkins and cups. Call 437-9171

We’re back open and delivering. Call 437-9171 or order online at www.greatscottspizza.com – Hope you all had a GREAT 4th!

Tonight’s Special- 14″ 2-topping Pizza for ONLY $9.00! – Closed Tomorrow- Call 437-917 now for carry-out or delivery.

We will be closed on Saturday for Independence Day! It’s hard for us to close on one of our busiest nights of the week, but it’s the right thing to do for our staff and my family. Have a GREAT 4th! – Scott

July’s Limited Edition Pizza is the “Pollo Loco” from Daddio’s Pizzeria in Grande Prairie, Alberta Canada. Richard, the owner of Daddio’s Pizzeria and I have been in communication online for over 8 years and have met up at the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas a few times to discuss all things pizza. The Pollo Loco star, ts with a Ranch and Salsa Base, Chicken Breast, Jalapenos, Red Peppers, Red Onion, Mozzarella and Cheddar Cheese. This pizza won Richard third for the Canadian Pizza Chef of the Year. Don’t wait, this pizza is only available until July 31st.

Here’s a preview of July’s Limited Edition Pizza – Pollo Loco!

It’s our 9th Anniversary Today! Celebrate with us, get a 14″ 2-topping pizza for only $9.00. Now through 7/3.

Did a little DIY project today. I bought these old sign letters from someone who had them stored in a field for a few years. After a good cleaning and a fresh coat of paint, they have a new home in our lobby.

Happy Father’s Day to all the GREAT Fathers out there!

It’s so tasty and amazing! Their crust is so delicious. At alot of places it’s the toppings that make the crust. Here it’s the crust that makes the crust.

Awesome pizza and the cheese are insanely good with the garlic butter! Yumm! Oh and can’t all the coupons and free delivery!.

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Always Great Always Fresh. Great pizza delivered timely by friendly people. I’d give them 5 stars, and probably order more often, if I had the option of getting some type of warm potatoes with a sub (like baked potato wedges). The person that hated it has their facts wrong.
In fact, their pizza is really good.
I got a Butcher Shop and a Taco pizza myself too, and it was fine. You probably weren’t using your eyes and brain because I flagged your review. You are stating facts that aren’t true. And you may be dissing them just so another pizza business will be better.
Maybe if you spoke nicely with the manager/owner, he would let you get new pizzas for free. By the way, taco pizzas are supposed to be like tacos, so they can be cold!
Best pizza in town!
I live in Evansville, 35 min. Wish they opened before 4pm but most pizza places don’t. We get pizza almost every week from Great Scott’s for our employees.
It is by far the best Pizza around.
Very timely delivery and the Pizza was delicious!
We use to get a pizza every week from Great Scott’s, but now the pizza isn’t good.
The Last two (2) time we ordered pizza’s we had bad experiences.
The last time we ordered, we got a Taco and a Butcher Shop Pizza. When we got the pizza the Taco was cold, and looked like it was made about an hour before we got it. First off the pizza must have been in some sort of reheater since it looked unappealing, and(…)

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Morgan Pien
@ morganpien
Great Scotts Pizza
Im at Great Scotts Pizza (Mt Horeb, WI) http://4sq.com/12as2wY

Jim Remsik
@ jremsikjr
Great Scotts Pizza
A nice surprise on the way home from The House On The Rock after our flat tire. (@ Great Scotts Pizza) [pic]: http://4sq.com/Q3FJS0

Peeton Von Horn
@ prestonschmit
Mount Horeb, WI
Im at Great Scotts Pizza (1213 Business 18 and 151 E, Mt Horeb) http://4sq.com/hnj8tg

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