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Absolute worst haircut ever. Had to bring my son home and fix the bald spot they left in the back of his head. Avoid this place like Ebola.

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Andrea did a great job cutting off my mane into a very cute angled bob that falls perfectly!
I have never had a bad hair cut in the two years I’ve been going there. It takes me a long time to grow my hair and I had shoulder length hair.
I saw this cute picture of an angular cut bob (shorter in back and longer in front) that I thought would be so easy to do that I thought anyone could do a cut like that. I showed Courtney (who was thrilled to be cutting hair that day (jk!
)) the picture and explained I don’t want a stacked pob as they call it (Victoria Beckham look), but just a simple angular bob from back to front. What did I end up walking out with? A classic BLUNT BOB!
Did she even go to school?-she must have been an average student (perhaps even below average) at cosmo school. I would not go back!
FYI -the lady before me who had another stylist wasn’t pleased with her cut either.
beware it’s not just Courtney. Very good haircuts, great prices and the staff has always been very nice and professional. The one thing that is not necessarily a problem but that I’ve noticed over several years is the turnover of staff, so I’ve only had the same stylist maybe 2 or 3 times.
I came here for a quick trim. I wish I remembered the girls name who cut my hair, (short, dark hair, glasses) because she did a great job!
I came in, she sat me down and asked what I wanted.
I have naturally curly hair so finger(…)

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