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* Home Cooked Lunches & Snacks * Developmentally Appropriate Programs * Ages 6 Weeks Thru 11 Years * Summer Programs & Field Trips

Our qualified staff will do their best to provide for the physical, emotional, intellectual, and social needs of your child in a warm, caring atmosphere.

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Mon – Fri. 6:00 Am – 6:00 Pm
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Ok one of the happiest times too, I just drop my son at the day care and he said mama not mam mam he said mama

Today is the most special day ever Iam a proud mom and wife I love my family!!!my sons post card tears my eyes!!!!his teachers did a great job

Celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday with the kids at Grandma’s House. Thanks for having me!

I can’t go into detail enough about our experience with Grandma’s house and their two “head of household” members, Tiffanie and SUSAN COBB. I sent my two young boys there for a total of 10 days and was charged for 16. We received state aid so they not only took my money but also to the funding from the State of Wisconsin. We paid them in good faith in being told that any excess funds after the Sta. te payments were made would be refunded to us. Well now that $298 dollars are due back, we apparently owe them for time our children were not in there care. Who charges for services that were not rendered? Do you go to the store and steal your banana’s? Its called THEFT, FRAUD, STEALING. The woman Susan is incredibly rude. I hope she sleeps well at night knowing that she has stolen food out of the mouths of two young boys. Families like mine receive State aid for a reason, because it is needed! In addition to the theft, my child turned into a different person within those three weeks. going from a well-rounded three year old (almost four) to a little boy who hated the world, screamed and kicked, hit and even star, ted BITING! It was awful! He’s attended preschool 3k for almost an entire year three mornings a week when I had to pull him in order to star, t working again, He LOVED IT. within a week at Grandma’s house he was screaming and begging me not to leave him. He’s never done that. I got bad report after bad report about how terrible my child was when of course he is the opposite. It took several weeks after leaving that facility to get my child back on track and back to normal. In our first day of attendance, the caregiver took my 2 year old on a field trip I specifically told them not to (Monkey Joe’s or some similar jumping room facility) because he was sick. I did not sign a permission slip or pack him a lunch or even pay for the field trip. .They took him and when I picked him up that evening he had a 102.3 fever that no one contacted myself or his father about. . It was my first day back to work in 2 years and we spent that evening after an exhausting day at the Urgent Care Facility. Its a JOKE. The caregivers suck, they are inappropriate and rude and do not do anything beneficial for your child/children. The price is outrageous as well, $107 dollars a day for two children? FOR WHAT? To steal and treat the children and parents like gum on the button of your shoe? DO NOT take your children to this facility, GRANDMA’S HOUSE IS AWFUL! This place should be shut down!.

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Our qualified staff will do their best to provide for the physical, emotional, intellectual, and social needs of your child in a warm, caring atmosphere. Licensed to care for children ages 6 weeks.
Grandma’s House Day Care Centers Inc.

(262) 790-9260

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