Grace Episcopal Church




(715) 234-4226


119 W Humbird St,
Rice Lake, WI 54868

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Found on Twitter
@ madisondotcom
Madison plan could move homeless men’s shelter from Grace Episcopal Church…

Alicia Lux
@ spikeydlux
Wisconsin, USA
Christmas Eve midnight mass with @
maddie6787 (@ Grace Episcopal Church in Madison, WI)

Matt Metzger
@ MCMetzger
Wisconsin, USA
Had a blast performing the wedding today for Eric & Mary Price! @ Grace Episcopal Church (Madison,…

Carmen ⚓
@ cowgirlcarmen
Madison, WI
Beautiful. (@ Grace Episcopal Church)

Jordan Sadler
@ chicagosadler
Madison, WI
Red church door @ Grace Episcopal Church

Jesse Green
@ 47of74
Galena, IL
Im at Grace Episcopal Church (Galena, IL) w/ 2 others [pic]:

Ric Gruber Jr
@ ricgruber
Madison, WI
That is a handsome couple. #
gruberthomas @ Grace Episcopal Church

@ xhrhaleeeyy
Grace Episcopal Church
Carter & I watching Pete & Elizabeth get married! &lt,3 (@ Grace Episcopal Church)

The Hollands!
@ the_hollands
Galena, IL
americana #
folk #
galena #
performingartscenter #
familyband @ Grace Episcopal Church

Jonathan Grieser
@ gracerector
Madison, WI
Im at Grace Episcopal Church (Madison, WI)

Jonathan Grieser
@ gracerector
Madison, WI
Vacation is over!
icon smile(@ Grace Episcopal Church)

Erich Moderow
@ erichthemaker
Grace Episcopal Church
Eat Fresh! (@ Grace Episcopal Church) [pic]:

Adam Moderow
@ adamoderow
Freeport, IL
90th birthday party for Pappy today from 1-4 at Grace Episcopal Church on Cherry. Come say hello and get his secret of youth.

Erich Moderow
@ erichthemaker
Freeport, IL
Setting up for grandpas 90th bday party tomorrow. I havent burst into flames yet. (@ Grace Episcopal Church)

@ gopackjo
Madison, WI
Forward, the Wisconsin Womens Memorial & Grace Episcopal Church. @ Dane County Farmers Market

Derek Gebler
@ derekgebler
Madison, WI
Just posted a photo @ Grace Episcopal Church

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