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Goodyear Chiropractic Health Center – Every person is unique. So why shouldn”t every person’s healthcare be unique? Using a variety of proven alternative treatments, Goodyear Health Center provides an exceptional quality of integrated
My massage with Erica was the best that I’ve ever received (and I’ve had my fair share). She easily grasped my desire for a firm, but relaxing massage. What made it really stand out was how the therapist was able to integrate a firm understanding and treatment based on my specific anatomical and musculosketal issues .

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    Anonymous A.

    Milwaukee, WI

    Rate 4.0 of 5.0 stars

    I was looking for chiropractors and stumbled upon this place from the GroupOn site maybe, they are really great. The chiropractors are nice, but the massage therapist Erica Carpenter is beyond awesome. She does a seemingly mixed massage of deep tissue and chiropractic techniques. I was actually relaxed and felt great afterwards which is rare for me since I am always tense. The only thing is they are very expensive full priced, and it’s a drive for me, but I do recommend them.

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    Elliot I.

    South Milwaukee, WI

    Rate 5.0 of 5.0 stars

    My massage with Erica was the best that I’ve ever received (and I’ve had my fair share). В She easily grasped my desire for a firm, but relaxing massage. В What made it really stand out was how the therapist was able to integrate a firm understanding and treatment based on my specific anatomical and musculosketal issues . See had great palpation skills and understanding of how the body is connected , but never lost site of it being a relaxation massage and not a physical therapy or deep trigger point release session. В I couldn’t make a stronger recommendation for a message therapist.

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    Arcetta K.

    Milwaukee, WI

    Rate 5.0 of 5.0 stars

    Dr. Sergent is a fantastic chiropractor. I always leave his office feeling better than when I walked in. It also helps that he has a great sense of humor. He is definitely worth five stars!

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    Brian Z.

    Milwaukee, WI

    Rate 5.0 of 5.0 stars

    I have suffered from low back pain for almost 30 years. I have seen countless chiropractors but never received the level of service and attention to detail that Goodyear provides. Their approach incredibly comprehensive. They don’t just make adjustments and send you on your way. They use deep tissue massage, physical therapy, stretching, and chiropractic together in harmony. Sessions last at least an hour and you feel like you problem is fully understood at its core. I can’t say enough about the the high level of friendly and caring service they provide. This is the new direction of healthcare.

  5. janelle p reviewer

    Janelle P.

    Milwaukee, WI

    Rate 5.0 of 5.0 stars

    I have gone to Goodyear Health Clinic for over a year. В  I have always been greeted warmly by the staff. В I had Dr. Sergent and he has done an excellent job. I have also had PT at the clinic, it was the first time I actually felt like I was getting better from physical therapy. В 

    I have also had many massages there from all 4 of their massage therapists. В All are excellent and very friendly.

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    Renee N.

    Milwaukee, WI

    Rate 5.0 of 5.0 stars

    Goodyear has a wonderful holistic approach. I have been to several other chiropractors over the past 10 years. They cracked my back and had me in and out in 10 minutes. В Goodyear takes the time not only to do traditional chiropractic care, but includes manual therapy which has helped В me tremendously.

    I have gone to Dr. Schneider and Dr. Sergent and found both to be outstanding. Their massage artists are also fantastic. Alex is my go to massage person В and Erica is also superior.

    The Goodyear staff includes a variety of wellness practitioners including a medical doctor who specializes in pain management, acupuncture, naturopathy, В nutrition and more. I highly recommend them to friends and family. If you have been going to a traditional chiropractor you will be amazed at how different your experience is.

  7. image g reviewer

    Tom G.

    Milwaukee, WI

    Rate 5.0 of 5.0 stars

    I’ve been going to Goodyear Chiropractic for a year and a half–first to help me after an accident, but then I’ve continued to go because it is such a great place! В Dr. Cory Schneider is fantastic–he has the healing touch and really cares about helping me feel better. В Adam helped me a lot with exercises to restore my full range of motion. В Alex and Peter are very talented massage therapists who have really made a difference. В The staff are very friendly and helpful.

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    Kaye M.

    Milwaukee, WI

    Rate 5.0 of 5.0 stars

    I have seen Dr. Sergent for two separate conditions and both times, he has helped me, taught me how to alleviate the pain at home, and corrected the conditions. В Dr. Sergent is very knowledgeable and thorough. В He explains what the cause is and goes through exercises to strengthen weakened muscles, correct balance, and alleviate pain/discomfort.

    I recommend Dr. Sergent to everyone I know who has any type of joint, back, or other muscular-skeletal pain. В I have seen many other chiropractors throughout my life and Goodyear Chiropractic Health Center is leagues above the rest.

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    Amy S.

    Brookfield, WI

    Rate 5.0 of 5.0 stars

    I fell upon this gem of a place with a groupon and I swear I will never go anywhere else for a massage or chiropractic treatment. The facility is beautiful with a gym, salt water fish tank and friendly staff at the front desk. I was lucky enough to be given Peter as my massage/manual therapist, which I now cannot go anywhere else but to him or I will suffer severe disappointment. I hear many of the therapists are also extremely good but I cannot speak highly enough of Peter. His professionalism and technique is completely top notch. From the hot stones to the towel under my back, I just look forward so much to all the little special mannerism’s he has up his sleeve that day. I cannot tell you how much I look forward to my day of indulgence, that does not come by often enough because of my busy schedule. I also suffered an arm injury and had been getting traditional physical therapy which was going nowhere. Peter suggested I see Dr. Sergent which unfortunately my insurance didn’t cover (I am a nurse at a hospital that is self insured, but they take most insurances) But he did such amazing things for my arm I paid out of pocket to continue to be treated by him. He just did wonders for my arm, so much more than thousands of dollars of traditional treatment that had done nothing at a fraction of the cost. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this business. It is a great concept and I wish I could take advantage of more of the wonderful services they have to offer, but I am a busy mom with 2 little kids so when I have the extra time and money this is the first place I want to go. Thanks Goodyear for having a wonderful business!!

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