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Marengo, IL 60152

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Golden Gait Stable, Marengo, IL. 1 like. Offering Boarding, Training, Riding Lessons, Leasing and other professional equine services.

Candy’s latest lesson on Bravo- going down the center line! Great job smile emoticon

Hi eveyone, just star, ted up a golden gait facebook page so we can keep tabs on things and share. but, please be patient with me, i am new at all this. Hope you will all “Like” it!.

Never too cold to learn more about horses. .

IF its too cold to ride, you can still learn more about horses!

How does your saddle and riding really affect your horse? Come and find out!

The Dressage Schooling Show is for Western and Gaited riders too! All are welcome to come to the DEC 14 Dressage Schooling Show at Tower Hill Stables in Hampshire, IL. Trailered in horse and riders welcome! Western Dressage is now officially sanctioned by USEF as a seperate entity, the WDAA (Western Dressage Association of America), although Gaited dressage is not. There are groups, such as United States Gaited Dressage Association trying to blend Dressage and Gaited Equitation. Dressage is a great training/riding system, it should be available to all

My cell phone drowned and I lost many phone numbers. If you want me to have your number, please call or text 815 814 8360 and id it so I can save it! thanx!

I.m posting on Tower Hill’s facebook page now, so if you want me to tag you when I post pics, you have to friend up with Tower Hill!

MESSAGE from JULI: Dear horse-lover friends, I have sold Golden Gait Stable, but have relocated my business, services, horses & riders to Tower Hill Stable in Hampshire IL. I am still offering western, english dressage , jumping & gaited riding lessons (school-horses available) as well as training & problem solving using True Horsemanship through Feel methods. Horse-owners are welcome to trailer in for lessons, or hire me to come to your farm for training/clinics/sem. inars. This has been a very positive change and I am excited! Now I can concentrate more on training & riding which is awesome! My clients, horses and I are enjoying the beautiful property, facilities, trails, professional staff and friendly environment. Current happenings; I have 2 wonderful fancy gaited horses for sale. Cruzer, my Missouri Fox-trotter, is looking for a share boarder. We are star, ting Drill Team July 14th and preparing for a Dressage & CT show on August 10th, And a BBQ on July 12 at 6pm (all welcome-bring a dish to share). I’m also looking for working students. Watch Tower Hill’s face-book page,. I will be posting my future activities there ! Thank you all-my wonderful horse family folks, you know who you are- for your support and loyalty throughout this transition. You are all the best!

A student works on softening the trot and canter departure with Silverado. It’s always a challenge to teach a horse to collect on a loose rein, but the rider does a nice job. It’s good to remember, regardless of the length of rein for English or Western riding, when steering and directing the horse, adjusting the reins to establish better contact is more desirable then moving the arms. Good lesson!

Sarah works with Brock in a dressage lesson. He has lengthened his stride beautifully. When he sped up, and 2 reins were used to slow him, he responded by bracing his neck/jaw, raising his head and hollowing out. By bending him laterally with one rein, it helped to break the brace and soften him up, and the result was wonderful! Lots of progress!

Stephanie rides Barney as she works on the pattern that she will be tested on for her PATH certification for therapeutic riding instructor. Good job Steph, So much improvement!

Steph rides Barney in a lesson and works on riding a round circle and bending while jogging. Good job!

Juli is helping this spotted saddle horse “Jacks” to develop a gait. She is working on developing a good solid 4-beat flat walk to biuld his strength and muscle memory.

We works on slowing Silverado’s trot. Since he’s ranch broke, he trots out instead of jogging, so we will have to condition him to collect over time. This is the first time we are asking him to slow down and it is still pretty rough. He is not used to it, and tosses his head in response. This will give us a good baseline to see his progress down the road. Lots of work ahead of us. This rider want to be a trainer, and is enjoying the challenge. good star, t!

This is my new stables and I have found the owner and the boarders to be professional, warm and friendly. I am very happy to be here. Thanks to all for the warm welcome.

Golden Gait Spa (Stable): Come rest your soul and bless your horse!.

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