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Bluing, Cleaning, Collection Appraisal, Consignment, Scopes, Hydro Dipping, Custom Stocks and Grips.

We Buy & Sell All Types of Guns & Ammo. Gilles Gunsmith is a Local Gunsmith in Racine Wisconsin that specializes in all your Gun related needs Bluing, Cleaning, Collection Appraisal, Rifling, Scopes, Hydro Dipping, Custom Stocks and Grips.

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Gilles Gunsmith, Racine, Wisconsin. 346 likes | 7 were here. Ammo, Ammo, AMMO! If we don’t have it in stock, we WILL find it.

Hot Blu finished and cured ready for assembly and New Custom Grips

State of Wisconsin just signed into Act 22 Affective June 26 no more 48 Hrs wait on handguns.

Kel Tec PMR 30 added Burris red dot. Nice groupings at 100

Parkerized barrel/ feed tube rear sight Dura coated receiver and trigger guard front sight added optics. Thanks David of Racine

Spring inventory NO trades. pricing so low you’ll faint. Call us today.

God is over flowing the cup with work. Felling very blessed. Repair tickets stacking up. Yup very blessed

Here she is CZ 52 Parkerized and assembled, Thanks for the work Larry of Racine.

Stay tuned to the finish assembly CZ52

This going out Benelli Super 90 16 Gauge went out for dura coating.

CZ 52 in for a deep clean, sand blast, and then a new parkerized finished stay tuned.

One happy client New custom stock and reblued.

And here comes another. . enough said. chambered .556 multi

Remember the Colt 1911. All done cleaned front sight silver pined new barrel bushing sweet piece

Us Springfield Armory 1903, Nice rifle. . Bolt jammed hmm. piece of primer and casing wedged in bolt release, good cleaning and out the door. Thanks Martin Fontana Wi.

Hungarian FEG 7.62 just in need of new spring kit and a ejector spring that was missing all better now. Don’t matter what is is we can repair it, as long as parts are available. Thanks Jim in Waunakee Wi.

This just in Government Colt .45 1911 for much needed repair. Barrel bushing shot another pair of pliers, not good, and front sight shaped off. Stay tuned in. .

This just in S&W 357 4″ in need of cleaning, trigger limit pin missing, 1 side plate screw missing, and for a good measure I’m going to through in 2 more plate screws that someone else mared. Parts ordered

Depending on how Busy we are in the shop Hydro Dipping may get farmed out. All Patterns listing are at www.camo4you If your thinking of doing it yourself it can be done. But before I got it right there was a few $ spent in practice time.

This just in a trigger pull gauge, do you need a new drop in come see us

Please everyone if you like and already like my page can you please share with you freinds. Thanks much

Gilles Gunsmith and Wolfpack Archery and Tactical joint ventures coming. Come and see us this weekend at Kenosha Bowman club this Memorial weekend.

Great local gunsmith! Great service, great prices! Great guy! Only place I will buy another gun or get work done from now on!

I was very happy with the work of installing new Trijicon sights on my Sigma pistol, installation of sights and cleaning. of gun was quick and prices reasonable.I will be a return customer. Britt Udell “founder of ScopeEnhancer by Island Hopper Enterprise”.

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What they did with a hunk of walnut I gave them is a work of beauty. And what they did with that hulk of rusting and abused metal called a shotgun is more than can be expected.
It looks like a brand new gun. I can hardly wait to show it to my Dad.
He will be dumbstruck.
Thanks Jeff it was our pleasure.

(262) 800-3097

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