Fredonia Family Restaurant



(262) 692-2302


223 Highland Dr,
Fredonia, WI 53021

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Open Hours

Mon – Thu. 6:00 Am – 9:00 Pm
Fri – Sat. 6:00 Am – 10:00 Pm
Sun. 6:00 Am – 9:00 Pm

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We serve it all day long.
Fredonia Family Restaurant serves delicious homemade food around the clock.
Food is greasy spoon type bit good and it feels clean. The restaurant is clean and brightly lit, but the decor is definitely Diner/Dive era. I had the standard Reuban w/ fries and coffee. The couple had the Salisbury Steak ‘n Potatoes – it looked very ‘standard fare’. The waitress was friendly – though not very genuine in her ‘friendliness’. But hey, this wasn’t 2-star dining either. It was warm, friendly and open late. Very cute waitress also very charming and funny. The decor is ok but could use some more modern decor, The food was ok but the fries were a little freezer burnt, The waitresses were kind but the owner should check out the inventory before use. If you’re in the vicinity, it’s worth a visit.
217 Highland Dr Fredonia, WI 53021.
(262) 692-2302

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Curt Collins
@ TheCurtCollins
Wisconsin, USA
Im at Fredonia Family Restaurant (Fredonia, WI)

Heather Lecus
@ butterflyfx6906
Wisconsin, USA
Early supper before eating. (@ Fredonia Family Restaurant)

@ kateklement
Wisconsin, USA
Im getting a cinnamon roll! (@ Fredonia Family Restaurant)

Rod Gabriel
@ ThatFridgeGuy
Fredonia, WI
Breakfast with Jillian & Abby (@ Fredonia Family Restaurant) [pic]:

Spencer Roemer
@ Spenceticle
Fredonia, WI
Only old people eat at fredonia family restaurant

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