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(608) 833-4446

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229 W Towne Mall,
Madison, WI 53719

West Towne Mall

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Mon – Sat. 10:00 Am – 9:00 Pm
Sun. 11:00 Am – 6:00 Pm

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Their return policy is honestly pretty terrible worse than almost any other store I’ve shopped at. Their customer service is truly the worst beyond belief in this store – I can honestly say I’ve only met one girl who worked here who was the slightest bit helpful in anyway. Their store cleanliness is horrid the store looks like a bomb dropped in there. They usually only have two registers open (they have I believe 8) with long lines – and a bunch of employees who stand around doing nothing (not folding or putting away clothes just standing and texting). Over-all without going in to much detail this store is pretty much cheap – and you get everything that goes along with being cheap. This store is very cheap. And by cheap I mean their clothing have holes in them. They do not stand by their clothing and will not return the clothes if you discover a hole at home. The store is so disorganized.
My boyfriend and I were going to ask a customer service rep where I could find some of the stuff they have on display. Two store employees were too busy chatting with each other and completely ignored us.
We stood there for about 3 minutes and they just kept talking, we knew they could definitely see us but just ignored us.
We just gave up and left, their loss on a sale. Have never been back since.

(608) 833-4446

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@ QuierraImani
Champs, Aldo & Forever 21 ..most def. gone run it up before I leave

@ TheeOnlyOciera
PiLoT_Poe7 @
ChubbyInPumps bathing suit is Forever 21 babe, cover up is H&M

@ emily_olsen10
My forever 21 shopping cart has $234 worth of clothes in it My wallet has about $8

Nick Nagengast
@ melkzilla
I stole an earring back from forever 21 today call the cops idc they cant catch me

Design & Art Geek
@ CreativityGeek
DigitalBuzzBlog – Forever 21: Instagram Powered Thread Screen

The Social Lights®
@ TheSocialLights
If you ever wanted to see your #
Instagram photos woven with thread, @
Forever21s new machine can help you out:

Tajahya Brako
@ livelovetaj
Im giving away: Forever 21 bracelet set. Check it out – #

Also I got my forever 21 stuff and IM SO COMFY

@ TheeOnlyOciera
I told you wed cross paths my love! Started in a forever 21. “@
suavaelove: @
TheeOnlyOciera Twitter is so small I found you ”

@ arischwieters
nyc vintage blog, vintage blog, nyc vintage fashion blog, foxes sweater, forever 21 circle skirt, fa…

@ alexxrojo
Just spent so much money at forever 21

@ zoltarspooks
Vancouver, British Columbia
I found rsg in forever 21 yesterday

Kurt Stafki
@ krtstfk
Hats off to Forever 21 and this Instagram/thread mosaic execution. Never thought I would say those words together.

♊️ Isabellah ♊️
@ Isabellahleigh
Also I bought a rugrats shirt from forever 21 because I still enjoy that show to this day

Kaitlyn Cox
@ KaitCox
Wow: Forever 21 Unveils a Giant, Crazy Machine That Re-creates Your Instagram Photos in Thread…

Chad Thiele
@ chadjthiele
Hudson, WI
Forever 21s 1-ton screen turns Instagrams into real-life mosaics via @
arikhanson @
digiday #

Online Forex Station
@ OnlineForexStn
Forever 21 Recreates Instagram Snaps via a Giant Thread Screen: Forever 21 has collaborated with Brooklyn-base…

Nicole Holtan
@ NicoleHolt98
Greenville, WI
*sees adorable kid in forever 21*Kyler: I think that is my future child. Quick distract the mother while I grab it

Forever 21
@ HiForever21
Polyvore is a fantastic idea to start small a great career!

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