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Liquidation of Commercial Vehicles & Equipment, including: Consignment, Direct Purchase and Auction Services. BlueBook-Style Appraisal Service.


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We Offer Various Services: Remarketing – Consignment Liquidation Direct Purchase and Auction Services for the disposal and removal of Fleet Vehicles such as: * Trucks * Vans * Buses * Commercial Equipment Additionally, we are the owners of: CommercialTruckBlueBook.com We offer you real-world values of your commercial vehicles. These values are not calculated by a computer program or some smart-phone application, they are calculated by a team of wholesale truck professionals and truck auctioneers utilizing the latest sale results and off-lease information from around the country. There is no cost for the appraisal, period. That said, we assume that the reason you are attempting to figure out the value of your vehicles may be because you no longer need them and are trying to decide what to do next. That’s where we would like to get involved. The same team and same information used for appraising is also used to formulate a customized asset disposal solution for your particular situation. Contact us today to learn more.

Need money for new equipment? Need more space? Downsizing? Closing an office? Splitting up a Partnership? Retiring? When assets need to be sold, we give you options. Deal Directly with the Professionals at Fleet Vehicle Disposal The Most Trusted Name in Asset Remarketing for 60 years. * Licensed Auctioneers/Commercial Liquidators since 1955 * Licensed Automobile Dealers/Specialty Wholesalers since 1976 * High-Volume Internet Marketers/Remarketers since 1997 Fleet Vehicle Disposal Offers You Several Options To Sell Your Assets * On-Site Auctions held at your location * Off-Site Auctions with removal and transport of your vehicles to off-premises locations such as dealer auctions and specialty truck auctions * Online Retail Marketing and consignment of your vehicle(s) and/or equipment * Outright Purchase Agreements with cash wired to your bank account within 24 hours.

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Vehicle and Asset Remarketing Made Easy. When the time has come to sell your fleet vehicle(s) or other assets, you can trust Fleet Vehicle Disposal to do what they do best: Get the best price on your vehicle(s) and sell them fast so you can get back to what you do best!

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