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208 E Main St,
Lena, IL 61048

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Fitness On Main. 361 likes | 1 talking about this | 7 were here. Fitness On Main has been promoting health and fitness for the Le-Win area since 1999.

Fitness On Main: where people turn ” I can’t” into “I can”.

Beginning tomorrow, Wednesday July 22, Civil Construction will be milling Main St. and the parking lots. As such, no parking will be available on Main St. or its parking lots. Spread the word, please. Thanks!

Good morning fitness fans! I have space available for rent here at the club. The room is approximately 135 sq. ft. and is double keyed and outdoor security camera protected. This space is great for a massage/chiropractic business or perfect for storage! Spread the word or call 815.369.2587 for further details.

Happy Thursday! Fitness is now offering the student summer pass (July-August) for $60 and summer pass (July-September) for $100! And remember, FOM is closing at 5pm tomorrow July 3rd and is closed July 4th. Have a great day!

Good day fitness friends! For the time being, the south side of Main St. is open for parking. Also, the gym is closing at 5 pm Friday, July 3rd and is closed Saturday, July 4th in observance of Independence Day! Thank you.

What’s for dinner fitness friends? I ask this question in a continued effort to bring simplicity to health and nutrition. Last week I posted info covering breakfast, lunch and snacks. Today. . .abend essen! For me dinner includes something from the following: -broccoli -cauliflower. -potato -really, any friggin’ veggie -any protein involving fish, chicken or red meat Overall this meal plan has worked for me because whole grains and the probiotics in yogurt galvanize the digestive tract and supercharge the body’s metabolism. The protein eaten throughout the day fuels and refuels the muscles. In addition, eating healthy foods I like has made sticking with “the plan” pretty easy. . .and simple. p.s. I have a complete cheat day on Sunday, eating anything I want.

Lunch time kids! Lunch is the meal I most enjoy because it’s the meal I consume the most calories! Just seems like the right time of day to eat a bigger meal. Mainly, I have any pairing of the following:. + veggie soup + V8 + Pasta or rice + whole wheat bread + a protein like chicken, roast beef, turkey or tuna. + fresh fruit As for serving sizes, I keep meals to label suggestions or nothing bigger than would fit in my hand. Simple. Dinner tomorrow, and I’ll sum up why this has seemed to work for me for almost 20 years. Later!

Hello again; I hope this day finds you well! Yesterday I posted on nutrition (see below) and the role food plays in staying lean. Now, we have all heard breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I, for one, think all meals are important (ha ha). And snacking is a solid part of my meal plan. Consistently, I snack around 10:00am and again at 2:00pm with options like yogurt, fresh or dried fruit, protein bar or shake, cottage cheese and nuts. Healthy protein and carbs co. mbined keep me full and movin’! Tomorrow: lunch!

Good Tuesday fitness fam! I get asked a lot about nutrition and how I eat to stay lean. In a nutshell, I’ve always tried to keep things simple. For example, I try to avoid fried food and sugary carbs and moderate everything else. What I typically eat for breakfast includes: (in various combinations): + whole grain cereal with milk + fresh fruit. + fruit or vegetable juice + green tea or coffee + and whole grain bread Tune in tomorrow for snacks!

Good day fitness friends! As Main Street’s renovation continues, please use the rear parking/entrance to the club for the next couple days as Mechanical Construction will be pouring concrete for front sidewalks. Thanks and spread the word! (Rt. 73 to W. Mason to N. Center)

Good morning fitness fanatics! Get a sizzlin’ summer bod and take advantage of Fitness On Main’s $75 Student Summer Pass (June 1-Aug. 31) or $125 Summer Pass (June 1-Sept. 30). Nothing to it but to do it!

When you feel like giving in, remember this: Batman wouldn’t quit.

The Little Engine That Could not only thought about it; The Little Engine That Could also did it!

Keep climbing, and the mountain top will be reached.

Good morning fitness friends! Please use the north lot, north side Main Street parking spots and rear lot as Main Street construction begins. Spread the word and thank you!

Come to Fitness On Main, and turn your fat into muscle looking things!” -Luke Winters be inspired.

Don’t worry about the past or the future because time is always right now!

Don’t worry about walking a mile in someone else’s shoes; just walk a mile!

Great place, competitive prices and quality equipment close to home.

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We currently offer a wide range of membership plans, Crossfit classes and tanning services in a clean, relaxed atmosphere in downtown. We currently offer a wide range of membership plans, Crossfit classes and tanning services in a clean, relaxed atmosphere in downtown Lena, IL. We ncurrently offer a wide range of membership plans, Crossfit classes and ntanning services in a clean, relaxed atmosphere in downtown Lena, IL.
208 W Main St Lena, IL 61048.
(815) 369-2587

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