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The Fishing Hole LLC. 73 likes | 7 talking about this | 1 was here. Rhinelander’s only full service bait and tackle store! Open year round!.

Just had a person in that couldn’t get his bluegills in because the smallmouth kept eating them while getting close to his dock. He is going to try a small artifcial bluegill and see if he can catch a few. Also found out that many years ago my dad had stopped at his house and ate a plate of fried bullheads just before he was killed by a passing car while helping a trucker along the road. Have had a few people asking for musky suckers this past week so come this Friday I wil. l bring them in. Fishing overall has been good for the people going out but it has to be early morning or late night. One person said that he did his best bass fishing ever from 10 pm to 1 in the morning. Years ago a friend and I took a couple of kids out camping and night fishing. We used glow in the dark Beetle Spins and glow Mister Twister and had bass and bluegills biting all night. With many of the school programs star, ting soon, I have to give thought to what has come to family time. Now we seem to give up our summers so that our children can be in football, baseball or some other program. It’s hard to get kids to get off thier cellphones and facebook long enough to get them outside to do anything. How many of you remember playing kick the can or tag with all of the neighborhood kids. Taking your bike and heading to the nearest lake to go fishing. Bunch of kids and some times our moms and dads playing bassball just for the fun of it. Singing while in the car instead of having to have dvd players for each child.Now kids are so busy being small adults and not kids. So mom and dad get your kids out into the great outdoors and have fun fishing.

To say that I hate to sit at this computer and do a post is a understatement but I will try to force myself to do it each week. We are now in the slow time of year for fishing, not sure if this is more do with the hot weather and the people spending more time doing the skiing thing and not fishing or if the fish are just not biting. I do know that Kristy and I went out for walleyes last night. Didn’t get any eyes but did bring in a couple of bass. All of the bites we had ca. me on walleye suckers. Leeches seem to be the ticket right now. Hearing a lot from the people that are going out is that it has been a mix bag when using them. Have not heard much about muskeys so far and nothing about a big one. The little I have heard is that they are following soft plastics, Bulldogs and such but it is taking a bucktail or other spiners to get the bite. In conclusion I will try to keep posting and keep you upto date on the fishing.

Great weather for fishing on this holiday weekend. We do have shiners and leeches. Have a happy and safe weekend.

We will be open all night Friday through Saturday night so you can get out early and catch ‘em.

I talked to my wax worms the other day about how the fishing has been. They told me that it has been good as off late, but to remember that it can wax and wane.

We will be at the Musky Expo in Rothchild this weekend and we need your used musky baits, so bring them in and we will buy them. You won’t get rich but you will make your wife happy when you take her out for dinner after. Have a good weekend and hope to see you there.

We will be at the Wisconsin Musky Expo in Rothschild this weekend. We will be purchasing used musky baits, selling used baits and our TFH handmade leaders. Looking to see you there.

So now it’s the last weekend for game fish. What are you going to do next.

Cold this week but will be good on Saturday hope to see you then

Stop in to get your Rhinelander Lions Fisheree tickets for February 14th and 15th

Looking for more used muskie lures to purchase. If you have some please bring them in. Remember that we do make special order leaders to meet your fishing needs -ice fishing, muskie, walleye, etc. All materials are top quality and made with personal attention to details.

Bluegills and crappies have been actively hitting while muskies have been following but not aggressively biting. The mosquitoes are actively biting. Credit card services are now available. Even us oldies get up to date smile emoticon

June 7, 2014 Fun was had at “Kids Fishing Day” at Boom Lake. Most kids/parents enjoyed playing with leeches and other live bait and of course eating popsicles.

We have star, ted summer hours so, we are open on 7 days a week. M-F 8am-6pm and Sat, Sun 7am-6pm. Hope you enjoy our beautiful weather and have fun fishing.

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The Fishing Hole LLC. Rhinelander’s only full service bait and tackle store.
3460 Faust Lake Rd Rhinelander, WI 54501.
(715) 362-1510

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The Fishing Hole

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