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Fat Boyz Fort Atkinson, Fort Atkinson, WI. 1,473 likes | 65 talking about this | 4,735 were here. Biker Bar & Grill in Fort Atkinson with great food,. .

Went back home Tuesday to see some friends. Played golf with them and had a nice time. Brought some sweet corn back if anyone wants some. I’ve got about 12 dozen ears left. Stop in and pick some up while it last. You can’t beat illinois corn. The days just keep flying by. August 6th already. But at least there nice days and not rainy crappy ones. Budweiser gave me a Really nice Cooler/grill to give away. It’s really nice!!!!! So I’ve decided to raffle it off. And the money we make will be given to the Food Pantry !!! So stop down and take a chance on it. Chances are $1.00. Get as many as you like. I will try and get a picture of it and post it. Not sure how to do that. I need a 4th grader to help me. Hope you all have a nice day.

Another beautiful day. Good nite at Fat Boyz last nite. Lots of 50cent burgers and chicken strips. Guess they couldn’t wait for tonites special on our strips. Another Brewers loss. To bad the power didnt go off in Miller Park like it did here Sunday Nite. It’s too bad they couldn’t have kept Prince Fielder. That was a fun couple of years watching that team. I remember going to Wrigley Field when I was in my twenties. And you could actually get 4or 5 beers from the beer man and get change from a twenty. Now you bareley get change from a Fifty Dollar Bill. All because of the greedy owners. Paying these guys 20 Million a year. We’re the ones paying the price at the games. Guess ill go to the Generals game Sunday. $1.00 beers and great food. Have a great day!!!

Interesting day yesterday. Michelle fixed a Mexican dish to eat for dinner last nite. Got ready to put it in the oven and BOOM the power goes off. No TV no Radio no lights. What to do? We actually had to talk to each other for 4 hours. I KNOW !!!!!!! Thank goodness she fell a sleep. Lol. I don’t usually eat dinner at 10:30 but I did last nite. We were one of the lucky ones. Power didn’t come on till this morning for some. Don’t forget it’s our 50cent burger nite. $1.00 Bud and Bud Lites. Meat raffle star, ts at 6:00. Have a Great Day. As they say at that one Hotel Chain. Well keep a light on !!! We all Hope.

Great day and nite at Fat Boyz yesterday. Hope it’s another one today. Should be lots of bikes out today. We have Paul with NAUGHTY MONKEY tonite at 9:00. Lots going on today and tonite so be careful. The Packers star, ted practice this week.so football is right around the corner. Hope you all ave a Super day.

Great star, t to the weekend, a beautiful day. Really hate to see July leave. It was a great month at Fat Boyz also. Oh we’ll Time waits for no one. Lots of cool things happening in August too. Football preseason, Rythem on the River, Cannon Ball Party, PGA golf tournament in Wisconsin, State Fair. And lots more. Tonite we have our favorite DJ Paul with NAUGHTY MONKEY. He will aso be here tomorrow. So let the party begin. Hope you all have a safe weekend.

Good morning everyone. Hope your having a good week. I’d like to thank everyone for the nice comments on yesterday’s post. But I did forget one important staff member. Paul with NAUGHTY MONEY. Our DJ on Friday and Saturday nites. He has been a important part of Fat Boyz over the last year or so. I think he’s the best DJ around. Sorry Paul!!!!! Another Beautiful day yesterday. And it looks good for the rest of the weekend. Great crowd for our all you can eat chicken wings. Tomorrows the last day of July. I’m really gonna miss it. If you believe the forecasters they say August is going to be very mild. With temps in the mid 70s most of the month. That would be nice. Hope everyone has a Super day. And put a smile on your face. You use less muscles smiling than you do frowning.smile emoticon

HOLY CHICKEN STRIPS BATMAN !!!!! It must have been to hot to cook in the house last nite. Because everyone was here eating our chicken strips. We went thru every strip we had cut up. About 120 pounds of chicken. Thank you all who came in last nite. If you haven’t noticed we have a very good staff here at Fat Boyz. Three very good cooks John, Isa and Ty. Great bartenders Michelle, Amy, Leanya, Danniele, Melissa, Maddie, Amber, Ali. And our waitresses Deb, Tav, Ashley,Megan A, and the best waitress in the state Megan S. it’s nice to be able to take a few days off and not have to worry. I forgot to mention Ike. He cleans and does all the odd jobs that I can’t do. Which is pretty much everything. OOPS Almost forgot Kristine our kitchen help. Without all these folks Fat Boyz wouldn’t be here. Thanks you all !!!!!! Have a great day.

What a Super weekend. I had a great time riding to Lacrosse Saturday morning and afternoon. Thanks to all are road Captains who led our group of 15 bikes. We were dropping off Cannon Run Tickets for the Bunker Hill summer long Poker Run. Thanks to all who came, Michelle, Kim, Bruce, Ron, Becka, Mark. Rachel, Chris, Jen,Bear, Roger, Terry, Colleen, Dixie, Jerry,Big Tom, Steve,Wayne, Steph, Russ, Jeremy, Shelly,Sara, Sara. It’s to bad we planned this along time before the Bar Crawl was announced. It sounds like it was a good time. Thanks to those who did all the work for it. It’s a weekend lot of us will remember for along time. Because there were lots of pictures taken. Please Destroy the Evidence. Have a great day.

JULY 24th !!!!!!! Holy Crap is this summer going fast. Football camps star, t next week in the NFL. That pretty much tells me our summer is coming to an end. Lets hope August, September, and October are as great as July has been. Summer school is out now. I miss seeing my old buddy Wally the crossing guard at Purdy school. Even though he’s a cub fan. Lol. I had some friends come into our town recently. They couldn’t get over how beautiful our Parks are. I guess we just take them for granted. I don’t think I’ve ever seen as nice of a ball field as Jones Park. Great job to all the workers that take care of them. You can tell they take pride in keeping them so nice. Hope you all have a safe weekend.

Another great day in our beautiful State. So many things to do I don’t know where to star, t. Should I golf, ride the bike, mow the lawn, go for a walk on our great bike path. So many things to do on a day like this. I know what I’ll do. See you all later !!!!

What a beautiful two days it’s been. Went back home yesterday to get Sweet Corn for everybody. Came home with 50 dozen ears. If you want some it’s at the bar. $6.00 a dozen. It’s the best I have ever eaten. You better hurry up though. I’ve sold 20 dozen this morning already. Great nite at Fat Boyz last nite. Everyone was in the mood for chicken strips last nite. Tonite is our all you can eat chicken wings for $6.00 includes fries. Go Brewers 4 in a row!!!!!!!

What a Great weekend. Hate to see it go. Super crowd for the Benefit yesterday. Even the Bikers that came in for a drink or food got involved. Hope they made alot of money for the little guy. How about them Brewers!!!!! Making a push to get to 500. Hey you Sweet Corn lovers I’m bringing back 50 dozen ears Wednesday. So if you want some let me know. Don’t forget it’s our 50cent burger and $1.00 Miller Products nite. Meat raffle star, ts at 6:00. Have a nice day!!!!

First of all lets take a second for the 4 marines killed in Chatanooga. And for all the people serving our country. We sure forget about them as long as our lives are going well. It takes something like this for us to remember that there out there helping our country from Terroist attack. THANK YOU TO ALL ARE ARMED FORCES? Lets all have a safe weekend.

This week is going fast for me. Went golfing in Horicon yesterday with a bunch of guys from Spring Creek Golf Course. Beautiful day. Great course, lots of fun. Then most of us came back to Fat Boyz for the wings. Thanks Mike Majeski for arraigning the day. It was a Great nite at Fat Boyz last nite lots of wings and Steaks being consumed. It was like everyone in town got hungry at the same time.lol Tonite is our $9.00 Steak Nite. 18oz Porterhose and 12oz NY Strip. We have NAUGHTY MONKEY here all weekend. So lets get ready to Party !!!!! Have a Great day!!!!!

Quite a storm last nite. Lot of rain in a short time. We have been lucky all summer. Driving thru Illinois last weekend they have gotten 5 times the rain we have. Lots of corn and bean fields with Lakes in the low spots. Good nite at Fat Boyz despite the weather. Tonite is our special on our chicken strips. So stop in and watch the Baseball All Star Game. All beers $2.00 mixers are $3.00. Have a Great Day.

What a weekend I had. Had a class of 69 get together back home in Sterling illinois the past 4 days. Great friends, Great Times, Great Memories. The stories seem to get bigger and badder. It’s funny we tell the same old stories every year. But there still funny as hell. We also had a great weekend at Fat Boz this past weekend. Thank you all who stopped in. The Jefferson Fair is now over. That seems to remind us that Summer is half gone now two. It’s going too fast. It’s our 50cent burger and $1.00 Busch and Busch Lite, Pabst and Coors lite bottles. Meat raffle star, ts at 6:00. Hope you’ll join us. Have a Great Day.

Happy Hump Day !!! It’s the star, t of Fair Week. Tractor Pulls tonite. It doesn’t get any better than that. Stuff ourselves with Cotton Candy, Foot Long Hot Dogs, Elephant Ears and much more. Should be good weather for everything. Going over tonite to watch my friend from Sterling Pull. And also John Kutz pulls tonite. If your not going we have our all you can eat wings for $6.00 includes fries. Sorry no Cotton Candy. Have a good day. And if you do go to the fair make sure you take a heartburn pill.

Well it finally happen. Remember when I told you guys that I bought a hammock? Well I fell out of it yesterday, on my BUTT. I think Michelle was to scared to laugh at first. Then she saw i was alright. Then she laughed her tail off. So did I. Those things are dangerous. Lol. It was a great weekend with the Super weather. If you drove past here during the day you saw lots of bikes out front. Saw alot of people that we have come to know during the last few years. I can honestly say that all the thousands and thousands of bikers that have come thru the doors, not one of them have caused a problem. There pretty good people. Just like you and me. Don’t forget it’s 50cent burger nite. And $1.00 Bud and Bud Lite nite tonight. Meat raffles star, t at 6:00. Have a great day.

Great day and nite at Fat Boyz yesterday. Lot of Bikers in all day. Lots of them on the Cannon Run. Which is a summer long Poker Run. Which ends in a week long Party in August at BunkerHill. Which is a bar out in the country that has 100 acres behind it. We camp there and party like we’re young again. Great Band every nite. It’s a Great Time. Our grill will be open as usual from 7:00 am till 7:00 pm. We have our Steak and Prime Rib Special today. And remember drive careful. Lots of crazy people out there.

Used to be awesome food. Have had lots of trouble recently with our deliveries. Someone got sent the wrong food and toda. y my burger arrived seared beyond recognition. Not to mention dealing with rude employees. Too bad. We used to love fat boyz!.

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@ bethaboo16
Fort Atkinson, WI
Its happening again… – Drinking a Not Your Fathers Root Beer (5.9%) @ FAT BOYZ – https://untp.beer/s/c196431366 #

Becky Rabas
@ rabas_becky
Wisconsin, USA
Im at Fat Boyz 2 in Tisch Mills, WI https://www.swarmapp.com/c/3Ejw1aNfNi3

@ FatBoyzSaloon
It is with deep sorrow that we announce the closing of FatBoyz Saloon and Grill. We are so grateful to our… https://fb.me/2SJd66q2B

@ FatBoyzSaloon
Due to unforeseen circumstances, FatBoyz is closed until further notice.

@ FatBoyzSaloon
Lets kick off this warm weather in style! Come out this Friday at 6pm for our first Bike Night of the season!… https://fb.me/2hJjwgUPJ

@ FatBoyzSaloon
Come out to FatBoyz Saloon in Grimes & Party with us . Friday night dinner special will be Fried Steak Bites,… https://fb.me/17YgJVWI1

@ FatBoyzSaloon
Bike Nites start up May 10. Hope everyone is ready to ride

@ FatBoyzSaloon
Come out to FatBoyz Saloon tonight for fun, food & entertainment. Dinner special tonight is quick fried sirloin… https://fb.me/1DjVGL2jr

@ FatBoyzSaloon

@ FatBoyzSaloon
Time to party at FatBoyz this weekend! Shot specials tonight, then tomorrow our dinner special is the Ultimate… https://fb.me/2BDm1CZJI

@ FatBoyzSaloon
Tonights special: We have a 10oz New York strip steak with a rich mushroom gravy, a baked potato and all the extras for $13.95.

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BruceBuffer NEW IT’S TIME!” PODCAST W “AMERICAN GANGSTER” CHAEL SONNEN NOW!https://brucebuffer.com/the-its-time-podcast-with-the-american-gangster-chael-sonnen/…@
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