Family Shooting Academy



(920) 393-4006


1976 Verlin Rd,
Green Bay, WI 54311

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Open Hours

Tue – Fri. 10:00 Am – 7:30 Pm
Sat. 9:00 Am – 8:00 Pm
Sun. 9:00 Am – 5:00 Pm
Mon. Closed

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Range: The range has 15 shooting lanes each 25 yards long!
The target retrieval system is custom made for us. Green Bay’s first indoor, public shooting range. Family Shooting Academy has classes starting soon!
This course meets the training requirements of Wis.
License to carry a concealed weapon. This course is for experienced shooters who are familiar with their firearm. This course is 3 hours long.
Recognize the Wisconsin Department of Justice process for obtaining, maintaining, and renewing a concealed carry permit. Complete an application to obtain a permit to carry concealed.
Collect the items needed to be submitted with the application. Review the process for renewing the permit. Accept responsibility for firearm safety in your home and in public. Adhere to the four rules of firearm safety. Demonstrate how to safely unload your weapon. Advise your family on the safety rules for weapons in your home. Advise your children what to do when they come across a weapon. Analyze considerations regarding the carry of a concealed weapon. Identify ways to conceal a weapon. Maintain control of your weapon. Avoid the need to use your weapon. Demonstrate what to do if you are encountered by law enforcement. Discuss the legal implications of carrying a concealed weapon. Identify the elements of the Wisconsin concealed carry law. Self defense and the defense of others.
Defense of property and protection of retail(…)

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Michael Football
@ mjacob2811
Green Bay, WI
Al-Qaeda @ Family Shooting Academy

Aaron Slaby
@ slabya
Green Bay, WI
Had a #
blast, no pun intended. (@ Family Shooting Academy)

Dannie D.
@ Douangmala11
Wisconsin, USA
Playing battleships with guns @ Family Shooting Academy

@ gbmomster
Wisconsin, USA
Race day at family shooting academy

@ greenbaycurrent
Wisconsin, USA
Im at Family Shooting Academy (Green Bay, WI) [pic]:

Blake Heslop
@ BlakeYoSelfFool
Green Bay, WI
My first time at the range… @ family shooting academy

Rohid Jiwani
@ RohidJiwani
Wisconsin, USA
Killing time. No pun intended (@ Family Shooting Academy)

Laura F.
@ thisisFoo
Wisconsin, USA
Got to shoot these bad boys today. Yeah, Im kind of a badass now. @ Family Shooting Academy

Laura F.
@ thisisFoo
Wisconsin, USA
Preparing for the zombie apocalypse. (@ Family Shooting Academy w/ @

Amy Schott
@ AmySchott
Wisconsin, USA
Fun! Love the smell of gunfire, weird, I know (@ Family Shooting Academy)

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