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Just wanted to write a long needed review about this place. My mom used to bring all of her cars here for many years.
She always did all the recommended services & did everything by the book.
Well, after all the years she came here and the money she spent, what happened was a shock.
She had her oil changed, about two months after her head gasket had been replaced.
She drove across the street to the mall and asked me to take a look at her car.
She said it was making a loud knocking noise that sounded like someone was hitting the hood with a hammer.
After her oil change, not even twenty minutes later, her engine seized!
The dip stick had oil on it, but I promise you it originally was run without oil. I found metal shavings on the dip stick, which indicates ground up metal in the pan. I immediately called them up and demanded they tell me what went wrong.
They insisted that it was none of my business and not their problem. She threatened legal action against them and they refused to replace her engine. Their labor rate is high and I can vouch for others in saying, they leave sloppy grease prints everywhere. They even smoked in her car once. It amazes me to this day that this place stays alive. Its sad to see that all of their locations have so many bad reviews, yet they continue to operate!
Congratulations on making Midas look like professionals guys.
Hack hack and more hack.
Oh and als(…)

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regina phalange
@ millammac
Brookfield, WI
emissions test (@ F&F Tire World in Brookfield, WI) https://www.swarmapp.com/c/loftUPwZxK4

Brett Fiedler
@ Hadokenfieds
Rockford, IL
Honoring the troops this year by taking advantage of these huge savings at F & F Tire World!

Mark Hurd
@ markhurd1969
Roscoe, IL
Another day.. Another trailer tire. @ F&F Tire World https://instagram.com/p/oWE43bs0DG/

Nicholas Putz
@ nickmke
Wisconsin, USA
Emilys emissions test finally getting done (@ F&F Tire World) https://4sq.com/1nghFh6

Chris Salani
@ Salani
Brookfield, WI
Getting a New Tire on my car. (@ F&F Tire World) https://4sq.com/1c8tnnu

Chris Salani
@ Salani
Brookfield, WI
Im at F&F Tire World (Brookfield, WI) https://4sq.com/1oXmuOu

Tweety Bird
@ tweetybird6981
West Allis, WI
Best place to get tires … Their honest and fair. Speak to Dave hes awesome. (@ F & F Tire World) https://4sq.com/18zmMRj

@ _TheLizzieDee
Bonus, IL
Woohooooo for an oil change and new spark plugs…that I didnt have to pay for.
icon smilethank yoouu, F&F Tire.

Bill Corey Jr.
@ BillCoreyJr
Delavan, WI
Loooooong overdue oil change. (@ F&F Tire) https://4sq.com/12eHBAo

Pila Johnson
@ pilajohnson
Greenfield, WI
With @evilkittywonka. Getting her new tires. (@ F & F Tire & Service Co.) https://4sq.com/SbAM15

Pila Johnson
@ pilajohnson
Greenfield, WI
Getting the new tire for the Versa. (@ F & F Tire & Service Co.) https://4sq.com/XuCpbb

Andy Anderson
@ wrestlingandy
Delavan, WI
New tires fo my whip. (@ F&F Tire) https://4sq.com/VZFw5y

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