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You have a beautiful lawn, but will you be able to enjoy it in another week? With the rain we have had, the rain we are expecting, and the recent warm weather, you can bet the mosquitoes will be enjoying your back yard. Take your yard back. Contact Shane Coach at Mosquito Minus of Wisconsin today.

More rain is on the way, no need to water just yet. 1″ of water per week is enough for a healthy lawn in May and June. In July and August 1.5″ to 2″ is necessary to keep your lawn in optimum condition. Don’t depend on your rain sensor, shut off your system after rain.

I know it is supposed to be really warm on Tuesday but unless your lawn shows stress there is no need to star, t watering. The grass is just star, ting to grow and those roots are growing deeper. Deeper roots will mean hardier grass this summer. They are calling for rain next weekend!

It is time! The temperatures are rising and the snow is melting! It’s time to star, t some irrigation systems. Mother nature has decided that I should star, t three weeks later than normal this year. Please know that I have not forgotten about you but things are just a little behind this year.

This is a great new prdoduct! For those of you with high water use in munipicalities this device should pay for itself in two years or less.

I have been star, ting systems for three weeks now and I plan to have all of the irrigation systems that I maintain, up and ready to go by Memorial Day. Just because your system has been star, ted doesn’t mean that you have to be running it. We have had plenty of precipitation recently and it looks like the rain will continue for the immediate future. Overwatering causes mold, keeps the roots near the surface (making your lawn more susceptible to heat stress this summer), and increases your water bill.

Our 4th annual wreath class will be held at the Hammond Community Library (upstairs) on November 1st and 15th from 4 to 8 pm. The cost is $10 per wreath and you are welcome to make more than one if you like. We will provide the equipment (ring crimping table, hot glue gun, and pliers) and supplies to make the wreath (metal ring and balsam) You supply the decorations. Bring your ribbon and I will show you how to make your own bows. There will be limited decorations avail. able to purchase and if you have extra decorations please bring them to exchange with others. Some things others have brought in the past include 2.5” wide ribbon, pine cones, white pine sprigs, red osier dogwood, dried flowers, and old or new Christmas ornaments. You must RSVP and space is limited (call the library at 715-796-2281 or e-mail me) I know there is still space on the 1st however I am sure the class on the 15th will fill up. Please feel free to RSVP up to the day of the event. In addition to wreath making there will also be: – Holiday Photo with Santa ($10.00 each) – Holiday Bake Sale – Kids Craft (Free Will Donation) I have attached the event flier. Please feel free to forward it to any friends that might be interested. I look forward to seeing you there! Mark

Your irrigation system is winterized and you are set until next spring. Well maybe! In my experience 1 out of 100 shut off valves leak. To check this you should observe your backflow immediately outside your house. The contractor that winterized your system should have left the drain plug out and left the backflow test cock partially open. If you observe any water dripping outside, you likely have a leaking valve. At that point you should drain the water inside the hous. e after the irrigation shut off valve, leaving the drain open (if it is in a convenient location where you can put a bucket beneath it) to prevent the water from accumulating in the pipe again. Next call a plumber to have the valve replaced. This is worth checking each time you walk by your irrigation piping outside the house. Replacing the backflow typically cost $250.00 to $350.00.

The 2011 irrigation season is coming to a close. We will be completing winterizations through November 2nd and we still have openings. The best way to reach us is by submitting your information on our contact us page.

It is nearly time to winterize your sprinkler system. We will begin scheduling winterizations the end of September and winterizing systems on September 27th. We would like to have all of our clients systems winterized by October 22nd.

Running of the Llamas – alligator escort

Running of the Llamas – alligator escort

It is time for fall aeration! Aeration provides many benefits to your lawn including increasing your lawn’s resistance to pests and disease, controlling thatch, improving your soil structure, promoting root growth, and increasing the efficiency of watering and fertilizing. Aeration is an important step which will provide you with a healthier and greener lawn next spring!

It appears as though the midsummer heat has past. If you still have your controller set for the July and August heat, turn down the time on your controller 50% to 70% of the time that you were running it in the middle of the summer.

Evergreen Irrigation provides service (repair and installation) to residential and commercial properties located within approximately 30 miles of Hammond. The Wisconsin communities we serve include; Hudson, New Richmond, River Falls, Roberts, Hammond, Baldwin, Spring Valley, Woodville, Glenwood City, and Menomonie. The Minnesota communities we serve include; Woodbury, Stillwater, Lake Elmo, and Afton.

The heat is coming this week! You should be applying 2 inches of water per week. To apply 2 inches of water, rotors zones will need to run five hours for 180 degree operation and ten hours for 360 degree operation. Spray zones should be running for one to two hours per week. For those of you with controllers that have seasonal adjust, turn the seasonal adjust up to 200%.

Welcome to Evergreen Irrigation Inc. Our website is up and running. We have much more to add including new videos and scheduling features. Please check us out at www.evergreenirrigation-inc.com.

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Western Wisconsin and the Eastern Twin Cities.
We specialize in maintenance and repair of commercial and residential systems.

680 Larcom St Hammond, WI 54015.
(715) 796-5664

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