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(715) 833-2333


2928 London Rd,
Eau Claire, WI 54701

King’s Plz

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In Business for 18 years


Mastercard, Visa

Open Hours

Mon. 10:00 Am – 5:00 Pm
Tue – Thu. 10:00 Am – 6:00 Pm
Fri – Sat. 10:00 Am – 5:00 Pm
Sun. Closed

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2420 London Road, Eau Claire, WI 54701.
(715) 833-2333

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Daria Pirvu
@ daria_pirvu
View translation
France Alerte #
Gazdeschiste: Le Conseil Constitutionnel a encore frappéhttps://colibrinfo.blog4ever.com/alerte-gaz-de-schiste-le-conseil-constitutionnel-a-encore-frappe… #
shalegas #
schaliegas #
gds #

RTBF info
@ RTBFinfo
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La TVA à 21% sur lélectricité vous coûtera encore plus cher que prévu https://www.rtbf.be/info/belgique/detail_la-tva-a-21-sur-l-electricite-vous-coutera-encore-plus-cher-que-prevu?id=9042117…

@ yunjae2min
Namur, Belgique View translation
ESPERANCE qhahhahahahaha encore une noire ça

@ CentralWisCW
The Rogues are out for revenge on tonights #
TheFlash encore episode at 8/7c! https://www.cwtv.com/shows/the-flash/… pic.twitter.com/uvehw0n7pH

Dancesport Radio
@ DanceSportRadio
I like it ! Charles Aznavour Hier encore – W 29 (DJ Ice Remix) https://www.radionomy.com/strict-tempo-dance-music…

@ friendlybook
7/24/15 ShorelineSet 1: ,,,,,,,Set 2:&gt,&gt,&gt,,,Encore: 0

Nick Mjones
@ MjonesNick
Liam decided he would rip his shirt open during the encore tonight, and honestly I feel so attacked. I was not prepared for that daddy.

Maddie B
@ maddie41kendall
Wisconsin, USA
…and that was just night 1. Pig opener, Crush closer. BOWA &gt, Ants encore. Wowza. #
DMB2sets #
Alpine… https://instagram.com/p/5mkQ83JaC8/

Quartney Fore
@ MzQdotFore
He fine@ RT @
SS_stylist: So this just happened!!!! @
reggiebush #
Vegas #
vegasnightlife @ Encore Hotel Las Vegas https://instagram.com/p/5l1yJ8BBRw/

Gilles Infinity ∞
@ gillesakacake
greeklamb @
BilelKamel @
MariahCarey @
Kat_Lamb_AZ enjoy Nick, enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! et merci encore Bilel
icon smile

Nathan Hubbard
@ nathanhubbard
First break for Surly. Surly 4 Encore 2. #

Caroline Swanson
@ CKSwanSings
Almost got the whole ending… #
RiverCityDays #
Encore @
chaskaherald pic.twitter.com/736ZBhVSQA

@ tmj4
REMINDER: Tune in from 6:30-9 p.m. tonight for an encore presentation of Brett Favre: Lambeau Legend. #
FavreHOF pic.twitter.com/lPnJMNQhQD

@ kippermcgee
Consummate Radio Historian breaks from retirement for special “encore”. (Via @
Feder of Chicago): https://ow.ly/Q3k57

Access Vikings
@ AccessVikings
Vikings question No. 3: What will Teddy Bridgewater do for an encore? https://strib.mn/1IpTITh #
Vikings #

@ tmj4
PACKERS FANS: TODAYS TMJ4 will air an encore of Brett Favre: Lambeau Legend from 6:30-9p Friday, including Favres HoF acceptance speech.

The Blue Stars
@ TheBlueStars
Encore in Broken Arrow, OK

@ Bails_Fuller
Just a couple more pages of paperwork to fill out & Ill officially be a teacher at Encore Dance Academy

The Victory Lap
@ TheVictoryLap_
Encore of Brett Favres Packer Hall of Fame induction #
TakeALap – https://thevictorylapblog.com/2015/07/encore-of-brett-favres-packer-hall-of-fame-induction/… pic.twitter.com/AX1FJMHSDD

@ tffforever
St Paul, MN
wattsjoyce this one too lol…encore… pic.twitter.com/dV5EaGEwdv

Encore Catering
@ Encore_Catering
Check out our blog to find out the surprising health benefits found in fish! https://encorecatering.com/the-benefits-of-fish-in-your-diet/… #
fish #
healthy pic.twitter.com/yBaVEfZiXX

Encore Catering
@ Encore_Catering
Happy Monday everyone! We hope you have a wonderful week ahead! #
MondayMotivation #
GoodMorning pic.twitter.com/GU4KC3cDOF

Encore Catering
@ Encore_Catering
Food is the essential to life. Therefore, make it good. A quote @
ChefRoshanW lives by everyday! #
Truth #
Quote #
Chef https://ow.ly/i/bSvFU

Encore Catering
@ Encore_Catering
Try our Caviar Cannoli – Sturgeon Caviar, Gravlax and Creme Fraiche Chive #
Catering https://ow.ly/i/bSHYr

Encore Catering
@ Encore_Catering
Instead of the usual BBQ fare, try Chicken Taco Cones for a hearty summer option! #
TacoCones #
Summer https://ow.ly/i/bSvcb

Encore Catering
@ Encore_Catering
The weekend is here! Indulge with Poutine Rolls https://encorecatering.com/a-new-encore-favourite-poutine-rolls/… #
Blog #
Catering #
PoutineRolls pic.twitter.com/8vmtIJxh64

Encore Catering
@ Encore_Catering
We love our Mac & Cheese! Which of the 3 do U prefer? #
Lunch @
DWTOEnterprise @
TorontoCafeFood @Choporella @
EatnMingle pic.twitter.com/YeII1bBS1i

Encore Catering
@ Encore_Catering
Nothing says Friday quite like Deconstructed Strawberry Shortcake and Lemon Meringue! #
FoodieFriday #
Weekend #
Sweets pic.twitter.com/O3tLLcKUrV

Encore Catering
@ Encore_Catering
Have you checked out our video on how to make Chocolate-Mousse Pyramids? Simply delish https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJtCnWAYD-M… #
ThrowbackThursday #

W Dish
@ thewdish
Beyond the bun: 6 fun ways to eat hot dogs for #
NationalHotDogDay https://bit.ly/1Oosafp pic.twitter.com/TarDsElJUf

Toronto Food Trucks
@ foodtrucksTO
Start your day off with @
TheEggmanCanada! Find the truck on Elm until 11:00pm https://bit.ly/1ENL1Kd #
foodtrucksTO pic.twitter.com/GR9rpoETYv

Encore Catering
@ Encore_Catering
Looking for poutine to go with that hot dog? #
NationalHotDogDay #
Toronto #
catering pic.twitter.com/OXfFCBhBeg

Encore Catering
@ Encore_Catering
15 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Caterer #
catering #
wedding https://www.thekitchn.com/15-questions-to-ask-your-wedding-caterer-221982…

Encore Catering
@ Encore_Catering
All Beef Hot Dog Sliders with Prosciutto, Caramelized Onion and Pear #
NationalHotDogDay pic.twitter.com/gSBP0qTFLT

Watermelon Board
@ WatermelonBoard
Watermelon Board retweeted Julie Raway, MPH, RD

@ VeronicaEvents
Heres How To Serve Glorious, Glorious Bacon At Your Wedding https://ift.tt/1GD386t

Encore Catering
@ Encore_Catering
Featured #
Blogger: @
LindaMatarasso Check out her website to learn more about her food journey! https://www.starvingfoodie.blogspot.ca/p/about-me_20.html… https://ow.ly/i/bSsK3

Encore Catering
@ Encore_Catering
EGGCITING NEWS! Encore Partners with The Egg Man! #
FoodTruck #
TorontoCatering @
TheEggmanCanada https://ow.ly/PWtA7 pic.twitter.com/m3dztSnVyO

@ nycHealthy
Even on #
nationaljunkfoodday, fruits and veggies are delicious and healthy options. pic.twitter.com/zyVaSd6mOT

Encore Media Metrics
@ EncoreMetrics
RT @
LuisNarcio: @
adexchanger: The Problem With Attribution https://adexchanger.com/data-driven-thinking/the-problem-with-attribution/… by @
stevelatham, Encore Media Metrics

Encore Media Metrics
@ EncoreMetrics
RT: @
BillBrazell: People of Ad Tech: Steve Latham of @
EncoreMetrics | The Makegood https://shar.es/1qdOKm via @
sharethis @

Encore Media Metrics
@ EncoreMetrics
People of Ad Tech: Encore CEO @
stevelatham #
Attribution interview on The Makegood https://bit.ly/SLinterview150701…

Encore Media Metrics
@ EncoreMetrics
RT @
adexchanger: The Problem With Attribution by @
stevelatham, @
EncoreMetrics https://bit.ly/TheProbWithAtt1507…

Encore Media Metrics
@ EncoreMetrics
Flashtalking CEO: Math Doesn’t Matter Without The Message @
AdExchanger https://ow.ly/PTnM9

Encore Media Metrics
@ EncoreMetrics
Check out the Attribution101 Blog for latest insights on leading edge of digital media analytics and data-driven optimization #

Encore Media Metrics
@ EncoreMetrics
RT @
stevelatham: Looking fwd to speaking on #
Attribution at https://Omni.digital in Chi-town! @
AdExchanger https://Omni.Digital

Encore Media Metrics
@ EncoreMetrics
Encores CEOs response to Attribution has a Viewability Problem via @
digiday https://disq.us/8nq58a

Encore Media Metrics
@ EncoreMetrics
Just announced: Encore to be featured as new breed of attribution vendor at @
AdExchanger https://omni.digital conf. 9.10.15

Encore Media Metrics
@ EncoreMetrics
More good press for Encore
icon biggrinOne Year After Acquisitions, Attribution Gets A Second Wind @
AdExchanger https://bit.ly/Att2ndWind

Encore Media Metrics
@ EncoreMetrics
Priority #1: unifying data for analysis. Can Marketing Tech Adoption Catch Up to Data Adoption? @
eMarketer https://ow.ly/O1qdf

Encore Media Metrics
@ EncoreMetrics
Lack of Metrics Holds Back Mobile Video Advertising: eMarketer https://ow.ly/NS0Sq

Encore Media Metrics
@ EncoreMetrics
Online Ad Spending to Pass TV This Year https://ow.ly/NPGw6

Encore Media Metrics
@ EncoreMetrics
A billion here and a billion there…. Digital Ad Spend $60 Billion This Year, Retailers Leading the Way @
eMarketer https://ow.ly/NdaQc

Encore Media Metrics
@ EncoreMetrics
RT @
stevelatham: Shedding More Light Beneath the Attribution Canopy (adding to @
AdExchanger article) #
Attribution 101 https://ow.ly/MRbBH

Encore Media Metrics
@ EncoreMetrics
Breaking Through The Attribution Canopy – via @
AdExchanger https://ow.ly/MQyec

Encore Media Metrics
@ EncoreMetrics
Nice profile on one of our favorite agency partners: The Media Kitchen full-service media agency https://ow.ly/Loe4S

Encore Media Metrics
@ EncoreMetrics
Glad to see a piece on the challenges of leveraging big data in advertising: Disconnect between data, experience https://ow.ly/3xxYAI

Encore Media Metrics
@ EncoreMetrics
View our latest presentation on Investing Confidently (and Safely) in #
Programmatic Media https://ow.ly/KWMJS #

Encore Media Metrics
@ EncoreMetrics
Huge implications for advertisers and agencies: Mobile to Account for 72% of US Digital Ad Spend @
eMarketer https://ow.ly/3xxVlp

Encore Media Metrics
@ EncoreMetrics
Good look at the biz of Big Data: Services Firms Arent Sure What They Want to Be via Ad Age https://ow.ly/3xxK2a

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