Emmanuel Lutheran Church




(920) 944-9005

(920) 994-9005


326 Center Ave,
Adell, WI 53001

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I must say I have the best Pastor in the world! He has not only helped my believe in Jesus Christ again but has took the time to help me get threw some very challenging times. Pastor Christopher Seifferline you are my hero!.

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@ futbolraul
Rockford, IL
I think I found the backup camera in the car!!!! #
lolyouth @ Emmanuel Lutheran Church https://instagram.com/p/4BPuKrkYAs/

@ futbolraul
Rockford, IL
Emmanuel Lutheran Church, ELCA, Rockford, IL. This is where we are staying for the week!! Beautiful… https://instagram.com/p/388y1GEYNh/

Jen Westpfahl
@ JenPioneerPress
Inver Grove Heights, MN
Finally voting. (@ Emmanuel lutheran church in Inver Grove Heights, MN) https://www.swarmapp.com/c/5tA1QkreMqc

Mike Dougherty
@ mjdougherty3
Minnesota, USA
Aspelund Emmanuel Lutheran Church @ Aspelund https://instagram.com/p/u1C0GwI_gz/

Joanna Held Wagner
@ Jojo3652
Seymour, WI
Lets see if I burst into flames. (@ Emmanuel Lutheran Church) https://4sq.com/1jJ2KI8

Guillermo Aldana
@ Aldana63
Rockford, IL
Just posted a photo @ Emmanuel Lutheran Church https://instagram.com/p/fQJkohxLTC/

Adam Melberth
@ amelberth
Rockford, IL
Tour Day 1 Set List : Rockford, IL @ The ELB @ Emmanuel Lutheran Church https://instagram.com/p/YmHQ11JA7f/

BrianRobert Campbell
@ CampbellBrianR
Longwood, WI
at the VBS planning potluck! (@ Emmanuel Lutheran Church) https://4sq.com/YF319C

@ sorcererdale
Escanaba, MI
here to set up their new computer (@ Emmanuel Lutheran Church) https://4sq.com/YupbaL

@ sorcererdale
Escanaba, MI
Giving thanks (@ Emmanuel Lutheran Church) https://4sq.com/TgfCxh

@ nerdochaos
Strawberry Point, IA
Im at Emmanuel Lutheran Church (Strawberry Point) https://4sq.com/ujVlqZ

Larisa Brandt
@ Labrandt
Inver Grove Heights, MN
Trunk or treat (@ Emmanuel lutheran church) https://4sq.com/rrjkCG

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