Elderberry Restaurant




(715) 597-2353


12637 10th St,
Osseo, WI 54758

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Down for night might be able to get home this weekend and next ill find out tommorrow

Stopping here for the. . gonna eat at the restaurant here, Georges Webb

GOOOOOOOD MORNING EVERYONE !!! After I drop today I have a load picking up tomorrow in Cloquet Mn , going to Van Buren Oh . Y’all have a great day and God Bless !!!

Shut down , fog , fog , and more fog . So decided to call it a day . Thicker fog moving in over night . Good thing is tonights low temp will be in the mid 40s . Any who y’all have a great night and God Bless !!!

With the love of my life Bob Varab

173 miles to go until we are home, lol spell check want mules, at this point I would tend to agree!!!!.

They changed the menu to pretty much sandwiches! Not bad food just miss the ol’menu!

To go w/8am unload. Change of plans no second round to shitcago! Maybe work a short day on thurs and back to muncy,pa on sat.

Oh ya , they have the best biscuits and gravy! No life cereal for me! Trevor had Belgian waffle w/ pineapple . Peanut butter ? Ya I know?.

Tonight, I’m out at the Osseo Truck Stop in (yeah) Osseo, Wisconsin. It’s been a long, cold day. I probably could have made it another thirty minutes down the road to the Millis home office in Black River Falls, but I am rarely one to take chances. It’s dark, 32 degrees, and raining. It was snowing before it got dark. Mind you, driving in the snow doesn’t bother me. Driving in the rain does a bit. What really bothers me, though, is walking in the snow and ice; I’m already clu. msy enough as it is without nature’s banana peel as a constant obstacle. A couple of things today: Everyone in this state has the same accent and they are all just so ridiculously NICE. It’s like Canada Junior in Wisconsin. I’ve seen various restaurants advertising “cheese curds” which honestly don’t sound that appealing, but being the adventurous sort with my edibles I did have to try them. They aren’t bad; they are more or less just small chunks of cheese that are softer and more “snackable” than. say. a foot wide wheel of cheese. It was kind of amusing to walk around in the slush in a short sleeve shirt around these people and then tell them I’m from the South, since they assume that we don’t know anything about the cold. It also helps that I have this oft-mentioned layer of fur.
Rod & Jo’s Hungry Hunter Cafe Augusta, Wi. – Augusta, Wisconsin – Cafe

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Ok truck stop , good size parking , not the best but at least its a real truck stop. Got showers , restaurant.
12613 Gunderson Rd Osseo, WI 54758.
(715) 597-2353

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@ northernpuppy
Elderberry Restaurant
Eating diner. (@ The Elderberry Restaurant) https://4sq.com/XjKXln

Glenn Petrone
@ glennspetrone
Osseo, WI
https://glympse.com/DE7-0XD Eating at Elderberry restaurant.

@ dales777
Osseo, WI
Im at The Elderberry Restaurant (12613 Gunderson Rd, Hwy 10, Osseo) https://4sq.com/ir0iBU

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