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(262) 642-5723

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3128 Graydon Ave,
East Troy, WI 53120

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East Troy High School enrolls students in grades 9 through 12. The school conducts classes in English, math, science and social studies. Its curriculum also includes art and physical education. East Troy High School offers several extracurricular activities, including choir and band. In addition, it offers special education instructional programs and related services to children with learning, mental, speech, visual and hearing disabilities. East Troy High School operates computer, consumer education, foreign language and industrial technology departments. It is a part of East Troy Community Schools. The district offers various athletic activities, including football, golf, basketball, soccer, cheerleading, tennis, wrestling, and track and field. East Troy High School is located in East Troy, Wis.

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Tue. 6:00 Pm – 7:00 Pm

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East Troy High, East Troy, Wisconsin. 7 likes | 4 talking about this | 534 were here. Lowest grade taught: 9th Grade – Highest grade taught: 12th Grade.

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Tyler Mast
@ tylermast
Wisconsin, USA
Flashback to playing under the Friday Night Lights with the boys @ East Troy High School https://instagram.com/p/4r5DzaCjL1/

@ RunWen
East Troy, WI
Trick or treat time (@ East Troy High School in East Troy, WI) https://www.swarmapp.com/c/36EL5X8QZu1

Kylie Katrichis
@ kyliiiiiee
Milwaukee, WI
Who remembers that time when everyone at East Troy High School would sing and be obsessed with Just a Friend by Biz Markie?

Lauren Hayes
@ laurenhayesharp
East Troy, WI
Scouts dress rehearsal in the new uniforms! #
madisonscouts #
dresswhites #
dci @ East Troy High School http://instagram.com/p/paGQ1lxyjo/

Amy Garbo
@ FunAmy0204
East Troy, WI
Kenosha to east Troy its a full day around here (@ East Troy High School) http://4sq.com/1gmVlOs

MaiLei ✨
@ maylee_misspell
East Troy, WI
Sugar Round 2. (@ East Troy High School) http://4sq.com/1f6DQEJ

@ kevin_loebsack
Wisconsin, USA
I love East Troy High School #

@ stravvberrysoup
East Troy Hi
Im at East Troy High School (East Troy, WI) http://4sq.com/1da19J7

@ xavierbehavior
East Troy, WI
Two loud people. avatarej @ East Troy High School http://instagram.com/p/aweRSgk_Z9/

David Lofy
@ DavidLofy14
East Troy, WI
Mom came to visit for our first performance of the summer! @ East Troy High School http://instagram.com/p/aubky_zOA-/

@ xavierbehavior
East Troy, WI
Just posted a photo @ East Troy High School http://instagram.com/p/asEtTvk_S6/

Caitlin Anger
@ AngerCaitlin
East Troy, WI
Congratulations to my baby brother for graduating from high school!! @
stevenanger @ East Troy High School http://instagram.com/p/aWgEPum3h1/

Alyssa Cvikel
@ ACvikel
East Troy Hi
Track Meet! (@ East Troy High School w/ @jayshay34) http://4sq.com/13Ai1pa

@ jayCEEjaye
East Troy Hi
East Troy Invite (@ East Troy High School) http://4sq.com/14WHihV

@ KristenHughes29
East Troy, WI
East Troy High School is so tiny

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